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All plan review applications and payments must be submitted in person between the hours of 8:30am-12:30pm at Licensing and Inspection at 260 Constitution Plaza, 1st Floor.  Applications & payments are not accepted after 12:30pm.  Fees must be paid at time of application.

We accept cash, checks and money orders made payable to the "City of Hartford." Credit cards are accepted but, the Discover Card is not.


What does a zoning permit or other request for plan review cost?  Costs of permits vary based upon permit type.  You can download a fee schedule here.  If more than one permit is required, the cost is the total of all applicable fees.  Fees must be paid at time of application.

Forms for Download:


2019 Planning & Zoning Application

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    Form 1: Zoning Application Checklist and Compliance Review

    Form 2: Building Types; Select the applicable zoning district(s) for the appropriate form CX-1, CX-2, DT-1, DT-2, DT-3, ID-1, ID-2, MS-1, MS-2, MS-3, MX-1, MX-2, N-1, N-2, N-3, N-4, N-5, NX-1, NX-2, NX-3 (Overlay districts should use the zone as designated in the corresponding overlay zone.)

Land Use Permits and Applicable Forms

Permit / Request
Description of Requirement

Zoning & Sign Permit

For signs, changes in use or site improvements that do not require any other zoning reviews or a building permit (examples: changing a business from a bookstore to a tax office, or adding a garage to the property that is less than 200 square feet).

2019 P&Z Application

Site Plan

For projects triggering review per section 1.3.3 and as otherwsie required per the Zoning Regulations.

2019 P&Z Application

Special Permit

For any use designated as requiring a special permit per the Zoning Regulations.

2019 P&Z Application
Historic Review

For any exterior work on a historically protected property that is visible from the public right-of-way.

2019 P&Z Application
Zoning Variance

For any request to vary the regulations in order to develop a property or operate a use that is otherwise not permitted in the zoning regulations.  This requires a public hearing, notice to abutting property owners within 300' feet, and a sign posted on the property.

2019 P&Z Application
Zoning Appeal

For the appeal of either an official ruling of the Zoning Administrator or a decision by the Planning & Zoning Commission.

2019 P&Z Application
Approval of Location

For any auto business seeking a limited, general use or new dealership license from the State of Connecticut.

2019 P&Z Application
 Liquor Permit

For any liquor permit application requiring zoning signatures per the State of Connecticut including but not limited to temporary permits, restaurant liquor, grocery beer, package stores, patios and extensions of use, etc.

2019 P&Z Application

For any proposal requesting a change in configuration of an existing parcels following the first lot split.

2019 P&Z Application
Lot Line Revision / Lot Split / 
Lot Combination

For any proposal requesting a change in configuration of existing parcels, see below for more information.

2019 P&Z Application
 Certificate of Planning Compliance

This form shall be filed after construction has been completed and prior to requesting a Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Department. 

 Planning Inquiry Form

For inquiries after 12:30pm.  

 Zoning Verification Letter Request

This form is required in order to request a formal Zoning Verification Letter that will involve staff research into the zoning district of a property and/or opine on the permitted nature of a specific use(s). Please see the form for additional information.

Wetlands Permit

This form is required for all regulated activities in wetlands or watercourses per section 4.3 of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations. See below for more information. 

Zoning Map Amendment

This form is required for requesting a change to the Zoning Map.

2019 P&Z Application
Zoning Text Amendment

This form is required for requests to change text of the text of the Zoning Regulations.

2019 P&Z Application
Site Bond Form

This form may be required in order to receive a Certificate of Planning Compliance in advance of all site work being completed per approved plans.

Site Bond Release

This form is required to release the bond being held by the City once all work has been completed. Bond releases require work to be verified by the city and bonds for amounts greater than $25,000 can only be released by the Planning & Zoning Commission.

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