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Campaign Finance

The Next SEEC Filing is due October 29th 2019 for periodes beginning October 1st and ending October 29th. 


October 10th, 2019 Filings

Luke Bronin      Aaron Lewis

Eddie Perez      Stan McCauley  

Brandon McGee  


Council Candidates 

Taking Back Hartford (PAC)     John Gale 

Wildaliz Bermudez       Gary Bazzano 

Shirley Surgeon           Maly Rosado 

Marilynn Rossetti         Thomas Clarke 

Joshua Michtom          Nick Lebron 

Eliezer Mercado         RjO Winch 

James "Jimie" Sanchez


Adam Cloud             



7th Day Preceding Election  

 Mayoral Candidates 

Luke Bronin (1)     Luke Bronin (2)

Luke Bronin (3)     Luke Bronin (4)

Brandon McGee    Eddie Perez


Council Candidates 

Marilynn Rossetti     Shirley Surgeon

Nick Lebron              Take Back Hartford (PAC)

Maly Rosado            Eliezer Mercado 

Thomas Clarke

James "Jimmy" Sanchez 


Adam Cloud  

Campaign Finance July 10th, 2019

 Mayoral Candidates

Craig Stallings       James (Stan) McCauley                   

 Eddie Perez          Aaron Lewis

 Eddie Perez (2)     Brandon L. McGee

Luke Bronin (1)       Luke Bronin (2)

Luke Bronin (3)       Luke Bronin (4) 



Council Candidates


Ronnie Walker                           rJo Winch                                                  

Theodore Cannon                    Nick Kebron                                        

Thomas (TJ) Clarke                Eliezer Mercado                    

Maly Rosado                           Marilyn Rossetti

 James (Jimmy) Sanchez        Surley Surgeon

 John Gale                              Ramon Espinoza 



Campaign Finance April 10th 2019

Itemized Campaign Finance Discloure Statement

 Mayoral Candidates

Luke Bronin (Part I)

Luke Bronin (Part II)

Luke Bronin (Part III)

Luke Bronin (Part IV)

Luke Bronin (Part V)

Luke Bronin (Part VI)

Luke Bronin (Part VII)

Luke Bronin (Part VIII)

Brandon McGee (Initial)

Brandon McGree (Ammended) 

James S. McCauley

Aaron D. Lewis

Craig T. Stallings

W. Michael Downes

Giselle S. Jacobs


SEEC Form 1 (Declared Candidacy After April 1st)

Eddie Perez 

Andre J. Thompson 


Council Candidates

Thomas Clarke

Nick Lebron

John Gale

James "Jimmy" Sanchez

RJO Winch

Elizer Mercado


SEEC Form 1 (Declared Candidacy After April 1st)

Marilyn Rossetti                             Ronnie Walker 

Maly D. Rosado                             Ramon Espinoza

Ronald A. Simpson                       Theodore Cannon (R)

David M. MacDonald                     Shirley Surgeon 


Treasurer Candidates

Adam Cloud 

Kenneth Kennedy 


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