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HARTFORD, CONN (March 9, 2020) –Today Mayor Luke Bronin delivered is fifth State of the City address at Hartford City Hall and his full prepared remarks are below. Mayor Bronin used the address to advocate for a strong Clean Slate bill at the State level, which hetestified on todayThe General Assembly is considering S.B. 403 to expunge certain felony and misdemeanor records if individuals are not convicted of other crimes for a number of years. According to Department of Correction data, at least 7,295 Hartford residents could see their records expunged over time should the bill become law.

Mayor Bronin also discussed progress in Hartford over the last twelve months, asked residents to give their feedback on the draft City Plan released last week, and reiterated key facts residents should know regarding coronavirus. In the next week, the City will host a telephone town hall to give residents more information on coronavirus.


Council President Rosado, members of the Court of Common Council, Treasurer Cloud, members of our delegation to the General Assembly, Superintendent Torres-Rodriguez, my colleagues in city government, good evening, and it’s an honor to serve with you. 

To the residents of our city, thank you for the trust you’ve placed in me and in our team.

And to Sara, and our three kids, I love you. And I can’t thank you enough.

Before I start tonight, I want to say a few words about the fire on Charter Oak Place yesterday. Our prayers are with the family of Jerome Kyser, who lost his life. And with all of the families who lost so much. Knowing that terrible fire was set intentionally makes that loss all the more awful.

It could have been one of the worst fires in our City’s history. The reason it wasn’t was because of our first responders – our firefighters, our police officers, our dispatchers, and our emergency medical professionals. They saved many lives. 

And in the hours since the fire, HFD’s Special Services division, our Health & Human Services Team, the Red Cross and our CERT teams have been working to help support and relocate all of the families displaced yesterday. 

Even as our hearts are heavy, we should all be so proud and so grateful for all those who run toward danger and prevented it from being so much worse.

This is the fifth time I’ve had the chance to speak to you about the state of our city. The first two focused on a historic fiscal crisis. We confronted insolvency honestly and boldly, and over the past few years, we made those tough choices necessary to move our city forward. 

Tonight, I can report that the state of our city is stronger than it has been indecades, andgetting stronger. And if we are willing to stay disciplined and be bold, it will get stronger still.

We have so much more work to do, and we are nowhere near where we aim to be. But look back on just the past twelve months. Since last year’s state of the city, we won the litigation withCenterplan, signed development agreements for Downtown North and Park and Main, saw residents move back to Bowles Park, broke ground on the redevelopment of Westbrook Village and the Hub on Park, watched professional soccer and the Turkey Day Game played at Dillon Stadium, enacted a comprehensive new city housing code, partnered with residents to force out two of our worst slumlords, opened Weaver and started renovating Martin Luther King School. 

We saw Greater Hartford rally to raise millions for the new Boys & Girls Club off Wethersfield, upgraded facilities in our parks, saw construction start on the Park Street Library Branch and near completion at the Parkville Market, and swore in the most diverse police academy class in Hartford’s history.

We attracted new sources of support for our Youth Service Corps, launched new initiatives to reduce chronic absenteeism with the Hartford Public Schools, won grant funding to promote child development by increasing the number of words our youngest children hear, and secured $800,000 to launch the Hartford Healthy Family Initiative to reduce chronic disease.

Our City was recognized as one of three cities to watch around the country for our work on green energy and sustainability. And our Fire Department became one of just eighty-seven fire departments in the entire country to be both internationally accredited and rated as an ISO Class I department. Yesterday, we saw why.

Stanley Black & Decker opened their Manufactory 4.0 in downtown Hartford. Like Infosys in 2018, two leading tech firms,GalaxESolutions and HCL made Hartford a home for global innovation work, accelerating Hartford’s growth as a scale up city and a regional tech center. Moreinsurtechfirms put down roots here. Hartford Healthcare launched a digital health accelerator with UConn and Trinity, signed an historic partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority, and will soon be moving hundreds of jobs and creating hundreds of new jobs on Pearl Street.

Our credit rating was raised and then was raised again, citing our careful controls. We began rebuilding our city’s fund balance, continued to invest in infrastructure without borrowing, and put resources aside for future capital investment.

That’s just a small sample. That’s just in the last twelve months. And those are all things to be proud of.

But we do have so much work to do. We know that for a lot of our neighbors, those victories may not feel like victories in their lives. Because for many in our community, the battle is about making ends meet every day. It’s about getting a job but not having the transportation to get there. It’s choosing between paying the heat or paying taxes. It’s knowing that their child has fire in her eyes tolearn, butisn’t getting what she needs at school. It’s living in a building with windows that won’t close and mold on the walls, but having doors slammed in your face when you try to rent somewhere else with a voucher in your hand. It’s watching kids move away because they don’t find theopportunitiesthey want here at home. And it’s trying to find a job but running again and again into the barrier of a record from long ago.

We know how much work we have to do. And that’s why today I want to focus less on where we’ve been or even where we are, and more on where we’re going – the future we want to build. And then I want to talk about one specific way that we all can do something, right now, to help include as many of our fellow residents as possible in that future. 

Planning for 400

Every ten years, every city and town in Connecticut has to update its ten-year plan of development. This time, we looked five years further, to 2035 – the year that Hartford turns 400.

Our Planning and Zoning Commission began that planning process last Spring, engaging thousands of residents through public meetings, working groups, and surveys. I want to thank our planning commissioners, and our P&Z Chair, Sara Bronin, for dedicating a tremendous amount of time to that engagement work and to building a plan that reflected our community’s aspirations.

To build the vibrant, thriving, bustling, safe, fun city that our residents want, the draft City plan released last Monday identifies five actions areas: Green, Move, Live, Play and Grow.

“Green,” to become a more sustainable city; “Move,” to become more connected; “Live,” to become a more equitable; “Play,” to become a more active city; and “Grow,” to become a more prosperous city. 

Our draft City Plan paints a bold picture, as it should. We can be honest and acknowledge that it would be an extraordinary achievement for the region, for the state, and maybe even for the country if we accomplisheverythingwe set out to do. 

But I don’t view this plan as a too-distant dream that we should temper. Last year, I asked everyone, whether you’re a city employee, a resident, or someone who lives in our region to believe in Hartford. Work for Hartford. Help re-imagine and remake Hartford. Our City Plan is an opportunity to do that. It is an expression of our aspirations. 

If you haven’t already, today I am asking you to take a look at it, think about what’s in it, and give us your feedback at

The draft Plan has more than two hundred specific goals. There are transformative physical projects that would fundamentally change the nature of our city, like fully reconnecting Hartford to the Connecticut River, and turning the South Meadows into an area that drives economic growth for our community.

Or building Parkville into an arts and innovation district. Or complementing the Albany Avenue Streetscape and development in Downtown North with a North Main Culture Corridor anchored by a revitalized Terry Square. Or reimagining Retreat Avenue as the green corridor at the center of a health innovation zone. 

There are priorities focused on our most longstanding challenges, like cutting gun violence in half, dramatically increasing attendance and supporting achievement in our schools, making the “No More Slumlords” campaign a reality as well as a powerful rallying cry, and working with the State to expand and improve public transit in Hartford and beyond.

There are goals related to climate change and resiliency, like expanding solar energy usage by 300%, replacing the whole fleet of city cars with clean energy vehicles, and planting 3,000 trees a year.

And there are broad aspirations, like making Hartford the live music capital of Connecticut, or promoting Hartford as the “Scale-Up City” for entrepreneurs of all kinds. We could spend hours talking about the rest of the plan, and if you want to, there are six public meetings this month about the plan – including tonight at the new Parkville Market right after this.

Though our 400thanniversary may feel far off, this plan should guide us as we make decisions about our priorities and our investments right now. It may take us fifteen years to build 100% of our bike plan or our parks plan, but we need to start that work now. Today, we’re far short of planting 3,000 trees a year, and we need to start ramping up now.

And while we have seen most categories of crime drop significantly in recent years, we have much work to do, together, to meet our goal of cutting gun violence in half. And that’s why the work that we’re doing now with our rapid response protocol, juvenile specialist, domestic violence intervention, partnership with community organizations, and project longevity is so critical – and why we are determined right now to build a strong hospital-based violence intervention program and to expand the work of our violence interrupters. Not fifteen years from now, but now.

We’re a long way from achieving everything we plan to. But while we have so much work to do, there is already new energy and activity and investment, and nearly forty percent of our residents already identify arts and culture as our greatest strength. So now is also the time for us to start building a marketing campaign to promote the great things that are happening in our city right now. 

Inclusive Growth Means Everyone Has a Chance

I am grateful to everyone who contributed to our draft City Plan, and I hope as many people as possible contribute their ideas and their feedback. 

Growth is a big focus of the plan. But one of the legitimate questions that people ask here and around the country is, “who is this growth for?” The innovation ecosystem that is growing here, the buildings that are going up, the businesses that are coming here – will the residents of this city benefit from those things?

I’ve always believed the answer is yes. We are one Hartford. We’re a small city. We’re a city whose future depends on growth. We’re a city that had fifty thousand more residents seventy years ago. We have room for development that knits our neighborhoods back together and fills in gaps. And because of that, we have the chance to do what many cities haven’t been able to do: to promote investment and growth without creating displacement and loss. 

But we also have an obligation to build ladders of opportunity for everybody, so that everyone has a chance to share in Hartford’s rise. There are many steps to that.

One is supporting and working with the Board of Education and Superintendent to continue strengthening our schools, especially our neighborhood schools.

Another is growing programs like the Youth Service Corps, which will be even stronger in its fifth year thanks to new support from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and expanded support from theDalioFoundation.

A third is expanding the connections between our community colleges, job training programs, and the employers that are looking to fill jobs today – like The Hartford’s apprenticeship program with Capital Community College.

But the part I want to focus on tonight is how we can take a bold and big step to address an issue that affects almost every resident of our city, directly or indirectly, and that’s what kind of life people are able to live when they have made mistakes and paid for those mistakes.

Over the course of the last two decades, more than 13,000 Hartford residents returned home after serving time for a misdemeanor or felony. And many more, not counted in that number, live with the record of mistakes even older, with no new offenses in many years.

If you came in through the back of City Hall tonight, you walked past the Hartford Reentry Welcome Center, which we started with Community Partners in Action with the help of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. In just over a year, our reentry team has built partnerships to connect clients to basic needs, medical treatment, education, housing, family reunification support, and more. The staff has seen more than 450 individuals.

For someone getting off a Department of Correction van, there is a world of difference between stepping onto the sidewalk with nowhere to go and stepping directly into the Reentry Welcome Center below these chambers.

Recently I spoke toYvelineA few years ago, she had been convicted of a non-violent felony. She did her time. She was released and had nowhere to go. She struggled to find work and couldn’t find housing.

When she went on job interviews and was transparent, some employers told her that her past would not be a problem. She would get the offer. Two or three days later, they would pull it back, when the background checks came back. 

Last April, she walked through our doors. Our reentry team helped her find a place to stay. The next Monday, they sat around a table and made a plan. She had previously been a Certified Nursing Assistant, and the Center helped her get her license back.

She finally did find a job, but not at the level she used to work at. She has a car, but she can’t get an apartment. Without the reentry center, she might have had nothing, but she continues to run into walls again and again.

Her story is like Kevin’s. Kevin grew up in Blue Hills and he has lived here his entire life. He got into Prince Tech. Before he graduated, he got into trouble and was incarcerated. After he got out, he had trouble finding any kind of job. 

He said, “once I had that record, no one wanted anything to do with me. I would get a job, they would do the background check, and then I would lose the job.” Kevin was in and out of prison.  He knows he has made serious mistakes.

The last time, after he got out, he heard about the Reentry Welcome Center, and he decided to give it a shot. 

The reentry team helped him write a resume. They welcomed him into a support group with other men. And they connected him to Platform to Employment, which pays the wages of returning citizens for a period of time so there’s no risk to employers when they give someone a chance.

Today, he’s working at an auto shop. His goals are to become a mechanic and save up for an apartment. His record is a barrier to both. He says he’s saving up, and might get a car to live in, “but who wants to stay in a car?”

We want to grow our Reentry Welcome Center. We can do a lot of good that way, and I know we are all deeply grateful to the staff at the Reentry Welcome Center, some of whom are here tonight. But we can’t erase the record that holds so many people back, even when they’re trying so hard. State lawmakers can change that. And we as a community can put our voices and our stories and our collective effort to work to help make that happen.

Because as long as Kevin andYvelinecontinue to do things the right way, it doesn’t help anybody if they can’t get or even look forward to a time when they can get anapartment, orget a promotion. It doesn’t make our city safer or our community better off.  

There is a movement around the country and in Connecticut to remove those lifelong barriers by automatically expunging the criminal records of formerly incarcerated people who committed certain types of offenses, did their time, and have stayed offense free for a number of years.

The principle is simple. As a society, we impose consequences when people break the law. But that doesn’t mean that every crime deserves a life sentence. Pennsylvania passed the first clean slate law in the nation in 2018. The second state to pass a clean slate law was Utah, with a Republican Governor in 2019. The ACLU supports the idea. So does JPMorgan Chase’s public policy center.

Clean slate is not about lighter punishment. It’s about whether we believe that perpetual punishment benefits our society, or whether we all do better when those who’ve erred and been punished have the chance to work, to pay taxes, to support their families, to live in a home that provides a stable foundation for a life well-lived within the law. 

Governor Lamont deserves credit, because at the beginning of this legislative session, he introduced clean slate legislation. His bill applies to certain classes of misdemeanors, and it could be a first step. But there is legislation that would go much further, and we should support that.

Legislation introduced by Senator Holder-Winfield and co-sponsored by Majority Leader Ritter, would automatically expunge all misdemeanors if someone stays crime free for seven years after they are convicted, and expunge three classes of the least serious felonies if someone stays crime free for twelve years after they are convicted, with certain exceptions. 

The principle is the same, but the impact, particularly in our community, would be much broader. Under the bill, more than 25,000 people would have their record expunged in the State. And in Hartford, at least 7,295 people might see their records expunged, either immediately or in time, if they don’t reoffend.

Why am I focusing so much on a legislative proposal that you, the Council, cannot enact in this chamber and we cannot implement in city government? Because people often ask me what they can do as individuals to benefit our community. And right now, I have an answer:

Over the next three months, urging Connecticut’s General Assembly to pass the strong clean slate bill could be one of the most important things we can do for Hartford’s future. Because unlike many of the big challenges we face, this one can be fixed fundamentally and quickly. With the vote of two chambers and the stroke of a pen, thousands of residents of our city would be able to participate more fully in the growth and the opportunities we’re seeking to create. 

So, let’s support our legislators and let’s fight for our residents by pushing for a serious, meaningful Clean Slate bill. And at the same time, let’s build on the position we’ve gained as one of the most progressive and compassionate cities when it comes to reentry support.


Before I close, I want to address the coronavirus.

While there arethingswe do not know yet about coronavirus, we know some important facts.

First, it will spread. We have not yet had confirmed cases in Harford, but that will change, probably soon. And the fact that we have not identified a case here may simply be that, across the United States, there has been far too little testing done.

Second, based on the evidence so far, we know that the vast majority of people who do become infected go through what feels like a cold or flu and then recover, if they develop symptoms at all.

Third, we know that every single person can take easy steps to dramatically reduce the likelihood that they will get sick. Avoid shaking hands. And you should wash your hands a lot, wash them well, and try to avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Fourth, we know that our goal as a city and as a region should be to avoid getting to the point of community spread. Community spread is that point where you can contract the virus without being able to trace the source of that virus to a particular contact. 

And fifth, we know that, to avoid community spread, it is much easier to take aggressive actions early than to try to play catch up after our health system has been overwhelmed. 

As a City, we are planning for many scenarios, in close coordination with hospitals, schools, public institutions, businesses, the State and the federal government. There is a chance that we will have to change the way our government, our schools, and our businesses operate, and as a government we are preparing for that. 

As part of a public information effort over the next few weeks, we will host a tele-townhall with medical experts in the next week in English and in Spanish to get accurate information to our residents and answer questions.

I know there are many people nervous and concerned about coronavirus. We should all take this seriously. And our collective response must be to take the basic precautions, listen to the experts, and act on their advice. 

And I ask for your understanding in advance if we have to make decisions that do affect your daily life, or your business. That may mean inconvenience and disruption. It may mean cancellations and closures. We will err on the side of being early and aggressive, rather than late and slow. 


At the end of the day, the novel coronavirus too shall pass. As a community, we’ve come through much harder things. We’ll do it honestly, deliberately, resiliently, and transparently.

And in the meantime, the work of building the Hartford we all want to see will continue. 

Because as I said the day that many of us up here were elected last fall, we all want the same things for our city and for each other.  We want the 8th grader going to a neighborhood school to set her sights on a Hartford Promise scholarship and get it.

We want the small business owner on Maple Avenue who immigrated to this country to grow his business, to grow new jobs, and to create opportunity for others. 

We want the mom of two kids on Enfield Street to see the path for her kids to work at one of our insurance companies, or to be a teacher in our schools, or to be an engineer at Pratt & Whitney, or to serve in City Hall someday.

We want our kids growing up here to be part of building and reinventing our city, finding opportunity right here – not moving away.

Government alone can’t do all that, but government has a role to play. Planning well will help us do it better. Not shying away from the fights that need to be fought will help us go farther. Shining a light on the incredible talent and beauty and strength of our community and our city will remind us why what we do matters so much and why we need to work so hard. And continuing our work with relentless energy and urgency and a focus on the long-term will mean that in the not-too-distant future, some Mayor can say, simply: the state of our city is strong. 

God bless you all, and God bless the city of Hartford.



City of Hartford Coronavirus Updates

April 6, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

6 de abril de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo


HARTFORD, CONN (April 6, 2020) – Today the City of Hartford launched a website devoted to its coronavirus response at, with answers to frequently asked questions, directions on what residents should do if they feel sick, and referrals to resources for students, families, and businesses.  The website has instructions on how to translate content into other languages, and the City will continue to create English and Spanish content as much as possible.  

“No matter how long these specific restrictions last, the best evidence suggests that we’re going to be responding to coronavirus for months to come, and this website is a single place residents can use to stay up to date with the latest information and resources,” said Mayor Luke Bronin.  “We’re continuing to build the site and add content, and we’re going to be updating it regularly.”

The City also created a dedicated coronavirus section on the Hartford 311 app, allowing residents to report social or recreational gatherings, non-essential businesses that continue to operate, essential businesses that are not enforcing social distancing, and general coronavirus-related concerns. 

“We’re also asking our residents to help us keep our community safe by raising concerns to us directly,” added Mayor Bronin.  “While the vast majority of people are taking social distancing seriously, there have been too many examples of large gatherings that should not be happening.  Our Police and Health departments are going to be doing everything they can, but if you're concerned about gatherings or other activity that puts our community at risk, please use the Hartford 311 app or call Hartford 311 to let us know.”



HARTFORD, CONN (6 de abril del 2020) - Hoy, la Ciudad de Hartford lanzó un sitio web dedicado a su respuesta de coronavirus en, con respuestas a preguntas frecuentes, instrucciones sobre qué deben hacer los residentes si se sienten enfermos y referencias a recursos para estudiantes, familias y empresas. El sitio web tiene instrucciones sobre cómo traducir contenido en otros idiomas, y la Ciudad continuará creando contenido en inglés y español tanto como sea posible.

"No importa cuánto duren estas restricciones específicas, la mejor evidencia sugiere que vamos a responder al coronavirus en los próximos meses, y este sitio web es un lugar único que los residentes pueden usar para mantenerse al día con la información y los recursos más recientes. ", Dijo el Alcalde Luke Bronin. "Continuaremos construyendo el sitio y agregando contenido, y lo actualizaremos regularmente".

La Ciudad también creó una sección dedicada al coronavirus en la aplicación Hartford 311, que permite a los residentes informar sobre reuniones sociales o recreativas, negocios no esenciales que continúan operando, negocios esenciales que no imponen distanciamiento social y preocupaciones generales relacionadas con el coronavirus.

"También estamos pidiendo a nuestros residentes que nos ayuden a mantener segura a nuestra comunidad planteándonos preocupaciones directamente", agregó el Alcalde Bronin. “Si bien la gran mayoría de las personas se toma en serio el distanciamiento social, ha habido demasiados ejemplos de grandes reuniones que no deberían estar sucediendo. Nuestros departamentos de Policía y Salud harán todo lo posible, pero si le preocupan las reuniones u otras actividades que pongan en riesgo a nuestra comunidad, utilice la aplicación Hartford 311 o llame a Hartford 311 para informarnos”.



HARTFORD, CONN (April 6, 2020) – Today the City of Hartford announced it has created a dedicated Domestic Violence Response Unit to operate during this public health emergency.  The unit consists of uniformed patrol officers assigned solely to respond to and investigate incidents of domestic violence across the city, in coordination with Interval House’s domestic violence advocate embedded in the department and Interval House’s broader services and supports.  

The unit will consist of two officers during the day shift and two officers during the night shift.  During the coronavirus pandemic, experts on domestic abuse say that there is a risk that the intensity and frequency of domestic abuse will increase.  Over the past week, the Hartford Police Department saw a 20% increase in calls related to domestic abuse, but the City has significant concerns about under-reporting.  On March 26, 2020, the City raised awareness of resources for domestic violence victims during a Facebook live discussion between Mayor Bronin and Interval House President and CEO Mary-Jane Foster.

“We want anyone at risk of domestic abuse or intimate partner violence to feel comfortable seeking help, and we want everyone in our community to report abuse when the see it or suspect it,” said Mayor Bronin.  “We created this unit so that we'd have a team of investigators ready to respond quickly and give domestic violence calls their full attention, without worrying about any other calls for service.  The bottom line is that victims of domestic abuse are at greater risk during this time of isolation, and we want to do everything we can to support and protect anyone at risk of harm.” 

“We’ve seen an increase in calls related to domestic abuse, but we're also concerned that there may be more abuse that's not reported,” said Police Chief Jason Thody.  “We want residents to reach out to us if they are concerned about themselves or a loved one, and we want them to know that we will work quickly to respond.  This new unit will continue to work hand in hand with Interval House, and it will focus both on enforcement and on connecting victims to resources and support.  We are very grateful to Interval House for their strong partnership.”

“In addition to our advocate embedded in the Hartford Police Department, we will redirect our advocates as needed to make sure that every victim of domestic violence receives the rapid, thorough response and support that they deserve,” said Mary-Jane Foster, President and CEO of Interval House. 

Interval House’s 24/7 crisis hotline is fully operational through CT Safe Connect at 888-774-2900, and it is fully bilingual.  Interval House’s advocates are also working to support victims of domestic abuse through the legal process, and Connecticut Judicial Branch functions related to family orders and domestic abuse remain fully operational.

There are a number of national resources available for victims of domestic abuse. The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 is available 24/7 in more than two hundred languages, and they have a chat line available hereor by texting LOVEIS to 22522.  There is a 24/7 hotline in English and Spanish for LGBTQ+ individuals at 212-714-1141, run by the Anti-Violence Project.



HARTFORD, CONN (6 de abril del 2020) - Hoy, la Ciudad de Hartford anunció que ha creado una Unidad de Respuesta a la Violencia Doméstica dedicada para operar durante esta emergencia de salud pública. La unidad consta de oficiales de patrulla uniformados asignados únicamente para responder e investigar incidentes de violencia doméstica en toda la Ciudad, en coordinación con el defensor de violencia doméstica de Interval House integrado en el departamento y los servicios y apoyos más amplios de Interval House.

La unidad estará compuesta por dos oficiales durante el turno de día y dos oficiales durante el turno de noche. Durante la pandemia de coronavirus, los expertos en abuso doméstico dicen que existe el riesgo de que aumente la intensidad y la frecuencia del abuso doméstico. Durante la semana pasada, el Departamento de Policía de Hartford vio un aumento del 20% en las llamadas relacionadas con el abuso doméstico, pero la Ciudad tiene preocupaciones importantes sobre la falta de informes. El 26 de marzo del 2020, la Ciudad creó conciencia sobre los recursos para las víctimas de violencia doméstica durante una conversación en vivo en Facebook entre el Alcalde Bronin y la Presidenta y Directora ejecutiva de Interval House, Mary-Jane Foster.

"Queremos que cualquier persona en riesgo de abuso doméstico o violencia de pareja se sienta cómoda buscando ayuda, y queremos que todos en nuestra comunidad denuncien el abuso cuando lo vean o lo sospechen", dijo el Alcalde Bronin. “Creamos esta unidad para tener un equipo de investigadores listo para responder rápidamente y prestar toda la atención a las llamadas de violencia doméstica, sin preocuparse por otras llamadas de servicio. La conclusión es que las víctimas de abuso doméstico corren un mayor riesgo durante este tiempo de aislamiento, y queremos hacer todo lo posible para apoyar y proteger a cualquier persona en riesgo".

"Hemos visto un aumento en las llamadas relacionadas con el abuso doméstico, pero también nos preocupa que haya más abusos que no se informan", dijo el Jefe de Policía Jason Thody. “Queremos que los residentes se comuniquen con nosotros si están preocupados por ellos mismos o por un ser querido, y queremos que sepan que trabajaremos rápidamente para responder. Esta nueva unidad continuará trabajando de la mano con Interval House, y se centrará tanto en la aplicación como en conectar a las víctimas con recursos y apoyo. Estamos muy agradecidos con Interval House por su sólida asociación ".

"Además de nuestro defensor integrado en el Departamento de Policía de Hartford, redirigiremos a nuestros defensores según sea necesario para asegurarnos de que todas las víctimas de violencia doméstica reciban la respuesta y el apoyo rápido y completo que merecen", dijo Mary-Jane Foster, Presidenta y CEO de Interval House.

La línea directa de crisis 24/7 de Interval House está completamente operativa a través de CT Safe Connect al 888-774-2900, y es bilingüe. Los defensores de Interval House también están trabajando para apoyar a las víctimas de abuso doméstico a través del proceso legal, y las funciones del Poder Judicial de Connecticut relacionadas con las órdenes familiares y el abuso doméstico permanecen plenamente operativas.

Hay varios recursos nacionales disponibles para víctimas de abuso doméstico. La línea directa nacional de violencia doméstica al 1-800-799-7233 está disponible 24/7 en más de doscientos idiomas, y tienen una línea de chat disponible aquí o enviando un mensaje de texto con LOVEIS al 22522. Hay una línea directa 24/7 en inglés y Español para personas LGBTQ + al 212-714-1141, dirigido por el Proyecto contra la violencia.


April 3, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

3 de abril de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo



HARTFORD, CONN (April 3, 2020) – Today the City of Hartford announced that effective Monday, April 6, 2020 it will further modify services across several City departments, following initial closures and modificationsannouncedon March 17, 2020.  Changes include closing the Clerk’s office, the tax office, and the registrars of voters offices to walk in service.  In addition, building inspectors will be limiting on-site inspections for occupied, private residences for emergencies only, though the City is determining whether non-emergency inspections can be conducted virtually.  These changes, as well as previously announced changes, will last at least until the end of April and are subject to change.

“We’re continuing to provide essential public services as we normally would, but we are taking these steps to further minimize person to person contact in our community,” said Mayor Luke Bronin.  “These changes will still allow residents to access important city services, and we are working hard to think of new ways to deliver services creatively and efficiently.  We are constantly assessing the level and delivery of services we’re providing, with a priority on the health and safety of our employees and the public, and we may make further changes going forward.”

Tax Office

  • Taxpayers can continue to make payments  There will also be a drop box outside the tax office for payments.  City staff will aim to process payments within 48 hours.

  • Taxpayers can mail in payments using the envelope provided with their bill, or mail payments directly to the tax office using City Hall’s address, 550 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103.

  • The tax office will begin working remotely and come into the office to check mail and perform administrative duties.  Voicemails will be returned remotely.

  • Residents can contact the tax office atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call (860) 757-9630.

Town & City Clerk

  • The Clerk’s office will take appointments for non-vital records services by email, and appointments will be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:15 AM and 12:30 PM. 

  • Land recordings will continue to be accepted via mail, FedEx, and UPS on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Land recordings will also be accepted via courier and delivery agent, and electronically through e-recording agents.  All land documents will be processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the order in which they were received. 

  • Both the Clerk’s office and the vital records office will have drop boxes outside their offices to accept service requests.

  • For appointments, residents can email City Clerk Noel McGregor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Eric Lusa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call (860) 757-9749.

Development Services

  • Building inspectors will be limiting on-site inspections for occupied, private residences to emergencies only, including but not limited no heat or water, carbon monoxide issues, and responding to fires.  The Department is in the process of determining whether non-emergency inspections can be conducted virtually. 

  • Residents can reach the Licenses & Inspections team at (860) 757-9207 or (860) 757-9239 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Registrars of Voters

  • There is a drop box to the side of the ROV office’s front door, which will accept and process canvass cards and registration cards.

  • Voter registration is available online through the Connecticut Secretary of State’s website.

  • Residents can contact the registrars at (860) 757-9830.  The Democratic registrar Giselle Feliciano is available by email atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the Republican registrar Sheila Hall is available by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




HARTFORD, CONN (April 3, 2020) – Today the City of Hartford announced new steps to ensure social distancing is practiced in the city, including additional outreach to bodegas and big box stores, as well as continued emphasis by the Police Department on social gatherings in parks and other areas in the city where they may see groups congregating.  Police Department patrol cars will also continue to broadcast the pre-recorded public health message about the importance of social distancing in English and Spanish.

“With a few exceptions, we’ve seen pretty good compliance with restrictions on gatherings and social distancing guidelines, but this public health crisis demands that every single person in our community continue to listen to the medical experts and work together by staying apart,” said Mayor Luke Bronin.  “Governor Lamont has put strong restrictions into place based on the best scientific evidence in order to save lives, and as a city we will continue to support and enforce those restrictions.  Violating the State’s prohibition on social and recreational gatherings of more than five people is against the law, and it will get more people sick, faster.  We are expecting good weather over the next few days, and our Police Department will not hesitate to break up gatherings of people.  Our Health Department will also be doing additional outreach to bodegas, grocery stores, and big box stores to emphasize the legal restrictions in terms of capacity and the latest social distancing guidance from medical experts.”

“From a public health perspective, minimizing contact with others and practicing social distancing are the most effective things we can do over the next few weeks to save lives,” said Liany Arroyo, the City of Hartford’s Health Director.  “Unless you are an essential employee, you should only be leaving your house to get groceries or for medical appointments.  We will be working with bodegas and other stores that are open to ensure they’re practicing social distancing and following appropriate cleaning procedures.”

“Our mission as a Police Department is to keep our community safe, and right now the best way to do that is to keep people apart,” said Police Chief Jason Thody.  “We will continue to devote resources to our parks and other places people may gather, and we will do everything we can to emphasize that social distancing right now will save lives.”




HARTFORD, CONN (3 de abril del 2020) - Hoy, la Ciudad de Hartford anunció nuevos pasos para garantizar que se practique el distanciamiento social en la Ciudad, que incluyen actividades de divulgación adicionales a bodegas y grandes tiendas, así como el énfasis continuo del Departamento de Policía en reuniones sociales en parques y otras áreas de la Ciudad donde pueden ver grupos que se reúnen. Los patrulleros del Departamento de Policía también continuarán transmitiendo el mensaje pregrabado de salud pública sobre la importancia del distanciamiento social en inglés y español.

"Con algunas excepciones, hemos visto un cumplimiento bastante bueno de las restricciones en las reuniones y las pautas de distanciamiento social, pero esta crisis de salud pública exige que cada persona en nuestra comunidad continúe escuchando a los expertos médicos y trabajen juntos al mantenerse separados". dijo el alcalde Luke Bronin. “El Gobernador Lamont ha establecido fuertes restricciones basadas en la mejor evidencia científica para salvar vidas, y como Ciudad continuaremos apoyando y aplicando esas restricciones. La violación de la prohibición estatal de reuniones sociales y recreativas de más de cinco personas es ilegal, esto enfermará a más personas más rápido. Esperamos un buen clima en los próximos días, y nuestro Departamento de Policía no dudará en separar las reuniones de personas. Nuestro Departamento de Salud también se extenderá a bodegas, supermercados y tiendas grandes para enfatizar las restricciones legales en términos de capacidad y la última guía de distanciamiento social de expertos médicos ".

"Desde una perspectiva de salud pública, minimizar el contacto con otros y practicar el distanciamiento social son las cosas más efectivas que podemos hacer en las próximas semanas para salvar vidas", dijo Liany Arroyo, Directora de Salud de la Ciudad de Hartford. “A menos que sea un empleado esencial, solo debe salir de su casa para comprar alimentos o para citas médicas. Trabajaremos con bodegas y otras tiendas que están abiertas para garantizar que practiquen el distanciamiento social y sigan los procedimientos de limpieza adecuados ".

"Nuestra misión como Departamento de Policía es mantener segura a nuestra comunidad, y en este momento la mejor manera de hacerlo es mantener a las personas separadas", dijo el Jefe de Policía Jason Thody. "Continuaremos dedicando recursos a nuestros parques y otros lugares donde la gente pueda reunirse, y haremos todo lo posible para enfatizar que el distanciamiento social en este momento salvará vidas".


March 30, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

30 de marzo de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo


HARTFORD, CONN (March 30, 2020) – Today Mayor Luke Bronin gave several updates on the City of Hartford’s preparations for the continued spread of coronavirus, and Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez discussed the first day of distance learning for Hartford Public School students.

“We’re continuing to do everything possible to slow the spread of coronavirus and support our employees who are doing vital work serving our community every day,” said Mayor Luke Bronin.  “We have worked quickly with many partners to dramatically reduce density in our shelter system, we’re working to give first responders and others housing options to minimize risk to their families, and we will soon begin providing childcare to first responders, hospital workers, and hopefully grocery store employees as well.  Our team is working around the clock with many organizations to get these initiatives up and running, and we are deeply grateful to everyone involved for their dedication in a time of crisis, their flexibility, and their creativity.”

“Today we launched our distance learning plan for thousands of our students,” said Superintendent Torres-Rodriguez.  “Our staff moved mountains to make this possible in a short period of time.  We will do everything in our power to ensure that all of our students have access to technology and to support our families as they seek to implement their child’s learning plan at home.”

Housing and Childcare for Essential Employees

  • Working with the State Office of Early Childhood, next week the City of Hartford will begin providing childcare services for essential hospital workers at Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center at the Hyland Early Learning Center.  Later this week, the City will open the Asylum Hill Early Learning Center to provide childcare to some essential city employees.  The City is also working to determine how it can support grocery store employees who may have childcare needs.  No Early Learning Center rooms will have more than ten children.

  • The City of Hartford is working with the University of Hartford to finalize dormitory-style housing arrangements for first responders and other essential employees who may work directly or indirectly with individuals who have coronavirus and who wish to be housed away from home.  The City will have additional updates later this week.

Support for the Homeless

  • The City of Hartford has been working with shelter providers and with the Greater Hartford Coordinated Access Network to reduce density and vulnerability within our homeless shelters.  To date, 75 individuals have been moved to hotels, with more moves expected in the coming days.

  • The City of Hartford’s Willie Ware Community Center is now operational as a quarantine location for homeless individuals with coronavirus.  The first individual was transported from a hospital to the community center yesterday. 

  • The City’s overnight warming center, which nearly doubled its capacity this winter and was scheduled to close this week, will begin operating under a new model next week.  The warming center will operate as an auxiliary shelter open 24 hours a day to reduce movement in and out of the shelter.  It will serve forty individuals who have regularly used the warming center this winter.   

  • The City’s Overflow Shelter for Single Women and Families will remain open, which will provide more time to help house these families.

  • Asylum Hill Congregational Church will serve as an overflow shelter for overnight hours, if necessary.  The City is working with Philips Metropolitan CME Church to establish and staff an additional overflow shelter, if needed. 

  • The City has established a process with Hartford-based hospitals to ensure that it is notified any time an individual who is homeless or believed to be homeless presents with symptoms, is tested, or tests positive, so that it can take necessary measures.

  • With these efforts, this week all shelters will be able to meet the following density limits: (1) ensuring a minimum of six feet between beds, (2) ensuring that there are never more than 25 individuals in any one floor/un-divided space, working towards a maximum of 20 individuals.

Medical Reserve Corps

  • The City has requested volunteers through the State of Connecticut’s Medical Reserve Corps.  The City plans to ask volunteers to help care for homeless individuals with coronavirus and assist in other ways as needed.

Beginning of Distance Learning for Hartford Public Schools Students

  • Hartford Public Schools launched distance learning today.  More than 90% of Hartford Public Schools teachers have created virtual classrooms, and as of last Friday, March 27, 2020, 43% of students had accessed their virtual classroom in preparation for today. 

  • Hartford Public Schools distributed thousands of laptops last week, and it is actively working with students who still have technology needs.  Hartford Public Schools is helping families and teachers navigate the use of technology, and anyone with questions is encouraged to visit or call 860-695-8400 during business hours.



HARTFORD, CONN (30 de marzo del 2020) - Hoy, el Alcalde Luke Bronin dio varias actualizaciones sobre los preparativos de la Ciudad de Hartford para la propagación continua del coronavirus, y la superintendente Dra. Leslie Torres-Rodríguez habló sobre el primer día de educación a distancia para los estudiantes de Hartford Public School.

"Continuamos haciendo todo lo posible para frenar la propagación del coronavirus y apoyar a nuestros empleados que realizan un trabajo vital al servicio de nuestra comunidad todos los días", dijo el Alcalde Luke Bronin. "Hemos trabajado rápidamente con muchos socios para reducir drásticamente la densidad en nuestro sistema de alojamiento, estamos trabajando para brindar opciones de primeros auxilios y otras opciones de vivienda para minimizar el riesgo para sus familias, y pronto comenzaremos a brindar cuidado de niños a los para los trabajadores de primeros auxilio, trabajadores de hospitales, y con suerte empleados de tiendas de comestibles también. Nuestro equipo está trabajando las 24 horas con muchas organizaciones para poner en marcha estas iniciativas, y estamos profundamente agradecidos con todos los involucrados por su dedicación en un momento de crisis, su flexibilidad y su creatividad ".

"Hoy lanzamos nuestro plan de aprendizaje a distancia para miles de nuestros estudiantes", dijo la Superintendente Torres-Rodríguez. “Nuestro personal movió montañas para hacer esto posible en un corto período de tiempo. Haremos todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance para garantizar que todos nuestros estudiantes tengan acceso a la tecnología y para apoyar a nuestras familias mientras buscan implementar el plan de aprendizaje de sus hijos en casa ".


• Trabajando con la Oficina Estatal de la Primera Infancia, la próxima semana, la Ciudad de Hartford comenzará a proporcionar servicios de cuidado infantil para los trabajadores esenciales del hospital en el Hospital Hartford y el Centro Médico para Niños de Connecticut en el Centro de Aprendizaje Hyland. Más adelante esta semana, la Ciudad abrirá el Centro de Aprendizaje Asylum Hill para proporcionar cuidado de niños a algunos empleados esenciales de la Ciudad. La Ciudad también está trabajando para determinar cómo puede apoyar a los empleados de las tiendas de comestibles que puedan tener necesidades de cuidado infantil. Ninguna sala del Centro de Aprendizaje tendrá más de diez niños.

• La Ciudad de Hartford está trabajando con la Universidad de Hartford para finalizar los arreglos de vivienda de estilo dormitorio para los socorristas y otros empleados esenciales que pueden trabajar directa o indirectamente con personas que tienen coronavirus y que desean estar fuera de casa. La Ciudad tendrá actualizaciones adicionales más adelante esta semana.


• La Ciudad de Hartford ha estado trabajando con proveedores de refugios y con la red de acceso coordinado de Greater Hartford para reducir la densidad y la vulnerabilidad dentro de nuestros refugios para personas sin hogar. Hasta la fecha, 75 personas han sido trasladadas a hoteles, y se esperan más movimientos en los próximos días.

• El Centro Comunitario Willie Ware de la Ciudad de Hartford ahora está operando como un lugar de cuarentena para personas sin hogar con coronavirus. El primer individuo fue transportado desde un hospital al centro comunitario ayer.

• El centro de calentamiento nocturno de la Ciudad, que casi duplicó su capacidad este invierno y estaba programado para cerrar esta semana, comenzará a operar bajo un nuevo modelo la próxima semana. El centro de calentamiento funcionará como un refugio auxiliar abierto las 24 horas del día para reducir el movimiento dentro y fuera del refugio. Servirá a cuarenta personas que han usado regularmente el centro de calentamiento este invierno.

• El Refugio de la Ciudad para Mujeres Solteras y Familias permanecerá abierto, lo que proporcionará más tiempo para ayudar a alojar a estas familias.

• Asylum Hill Congregational Church servirá como refugio durante las horas de la noche, si es necesario. La Ciudad está trabajando con la Iglesia Metropolitana CME de Philips para establecer y contratar un refugio adicional, si es necesario.

• La Ciudad ha establecido un proceso con los hospitales y sedes en Hartford para garantizar que se le notifique cada vez que una persona sin hogar o que se cree que no tiene hogar presenta síntomas, se somete a un examen o da positivo, para que pueda tomar las medidas necesarias.

• Con estos esfuerzos, esta semana todos los refugios podrán cumplir con los siguientes límites de densidad: (1) asegurando un mínimo de seis pies entre camas, (2) asegurando que nunca haya más de 25 personas en un solo piso. espacio dividido, trabajando hacia un máximo de 20 personas.


• La Ciudad ha solicitado voluntarios a través del Cuerpo de Reserva Médica del Estado de Connecticut. La Ciudad planea pedir voluntarios para ayudar a cuidar a las personas sin hogar con coronavirus y ayudar de otras maneras según sea necesario.


• Las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford lanzaron hoy el programa de educación a distancia. Más del 90% de los maestros de las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford han creado aulas virtuales, y hasta el viernes 27 de marzo de 2020, el 43% de los estudiantes había accedido a su aula virtual en preparación para hoy.

• Las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford distribuyeron miles de computadoras portátiles la semana pasada, y está trabajando activamente con estudiantes que aún tienen necesidades tecnológicas. Las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford están ayudando a las familias y los maestros a navegar por el uso de la tecnología, y cualquier persona que tenga preguntas puede visitar o llamar al 860-695-8400 durante el horario laboral.



March 26, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

26 de marzo de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo



HARTFORD, CONN (March 26, 2020) –Today Mayor Luke Bronin and Interval House President and CEO Mary-Jane Fosterheld aFacebook live discussionabout the resources available to victims of domestic abuse.  During the coronavirus pandemic, experts on domestic abusesaythat there is a risk that the intensity and frequency of domestic abuse will increase.  Residents are strongly encouraged to check in with family, friends, or colleagues who they believe are at risk of domestic abuse.

Interval House’s 24/7 crisis hotline is fully operational through CT Safe Connect at 888-774-2900, and it is fully bilingual.  Interval House’s advocates are also working to support victims of domestic abuse through the legal process, and Connecticut Judicial Branchfunctionsrelated to family orders and domestic abuse remain fully operational.

“The coronavirus pandemic is affecting our community in many ways, and we are very concerned that the isolation of social distancing combined with economic harm and uncertainty could put victims of domestic violence at greater risk,” said Mayor Luke Bronin.  “We want all of our residents to know that support and intervention services like Interval House are fully available to them, and our Police Department is continuing to work hand in hand with domestic violence advocates.  We are deeply grateful to the staff and volunteers of Interval House and other organizations who are continuing their important work.  We urge anyone in need of help to reach out, and we urge everyone to reach out to friends, loved ones, neighbors or anyone you might be worried about.”

“Interval House continues to work every day with victims of domestic abuse and all of our resources, from our hotline to our legal advocacy services, are available,” said Mary-Jane Foster, President and CEO of Interval House.  “Our message to victims of domestic abuse is that we are here to help them.  And our message to the broader community is that you can help: if you know someone is at risk of domestic abuse, reach out to them, let them know you’re there, and let them know support is there for them.”

“As a department weremain committed tosupporting victims of domestic abuse during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Police Chief Jason Thody.  “While at this point calls for service related to domestic abuse are nearly flat compared to last year, we know that the isolation and the stress of this time will put members of our community at greater risk.  We are ready to work with domestic violence advocates and the court system to do everything we can to protect our community.”

There are a number of national resources available for victims of domestic abuse. The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 is available 24/7 in more than two hundred languages, and they have a chat line availablehereor by texting LOVEIS to 22522.  There is a 24/7 hotline in English and Spanish for LGBTQ+ individuals at 212-714-1141, run by the Anti-Violence Project.



HARTFORD, CONN (26 de marzo del 2020) - Hoy, el Alcalde Luke Bronin y la Presidenta y Directora Ejecutiva de Interval House, Mary-Jane Foster, hablaron en vivo en Facebook sobre los recursos disponibles para las víctimas de abuso doméstico. Durante la pandemia de coronavirus, los expertos en abuso doméstico dicen que existe el riesgo de que aumente la intensidad y la frecuencia del abuso doméstico. Se recomienda encarecidamente a los residentes que se comuniquen con familiares, amigos o colegas que creen que corren el riesgo de abuso doméstico.

La línea directa de crisis 24/7 de Interval House está completamente disponible a través de CT Safe Connect al 888-774-2900, y es bilingüe. Los defensores de Interval House también están trabajando para apoyar a las víctimas de abuso doméstico a través del proceso legal, y las funciones del Poder Judicial de Connecticut relacionadas con las órdenes familiares y el abuso doméstico permanecen plenamente en servicio.

"La pandemia del coronavirus está afectando a nuestra comunidad de muchas maneras, y estamos muy preocupados de que el aislamiento, el distanciamiento social combinado con el daño económico y la incertidumbre puedan poner a las víctimas de violencia doméstica en mayor riesgo", dijo el Alcalde Luke Bronin. “Queremos que todos nuestros residentes sepan que los servicios de apoyo e intervención como Interval House están totalmente disponibles para ellos, y nuestro Departamento de Policía continúa trabajando de la mano con defensores de la violencia doméstica. Estamos profundamente agradecidos con el personal y los voluntarios de Interval House y otras organizaciones que continúan con su importante trabajo. Motivamos a cualquier persona que necesite ayuda a comunicarse, o a comunicarse con amigos, seres queridos, vecinos o cualquier persona que pueda preocuparle ".

"Interval House continúa trabajando todos los días con víctimas de abuso doméstico y todos nuestros recursos, desde nuestra línea directa hasta nuestros servicios de defensa legal, están disponibles", dijo Mary-Jane Foster, Presidenta y CEO de Interval House. “Nuestro mensaje a las víctimas de abuso doméstico, es que estamos aquí para ayudarlas. Y nuestro mensaje a la comunidad en general es que usted puede ayudar: si sabe que alguien está en riesgo de abuso doméstico, comuníquese con ellos, hágales saber que usted está allí y hágales saber que hay apoyo para ellos ".

"Como departamento, seguimos comprometidos a apoyar a las víctimas de abuso doméstico durante la pandemia de coronavirus", dijo el Jefe de Policía Jason Thody. “Si bien en este momento las llamadas a servicios relacionados con el abuso doméstico son pocas en comparación con el año pasado, sabemos que el aislamiento y el estrés de este momento pondrán a los miembros de nuestra comunidad en mayor riesgo. Estamos listos para trabajar con los defensores de la violencia doméstica y el sistema judicial para hacer todo lo posible para proteger a nuestra comunidad ".

Hay varios recursos nacionales disponibles para víctimas de abuso doméstico. La línea directa Nacional de Violencia Doméstica al 1-800-799-7233 está disponible 24/7 en más de doscientos idiomas, y tienen una línea de chat disponible aquí o enviando un mensaje de texto LOVEIS al 22522. Hay una línea directa 24/7 en inglés y español para personas LGBTQ + al 212-714-1141, dirigido por el Proyecto contra la violencia.



HARTFORD, CONN (March 26, 2020) –Today the City of Hartford announced that tomorrow, Foodshare will partner with Hartford Public Schools to distribute more than 10,000 pounds of fresh produce donated by Sysco and FreshPoint to families atthree meal pick up locationsaround Hartford.  The three pickup locations areBurr School at 400 Wethersfield Ave in the oval parking lot; SAND School at 1750 Main Street in the staff parking lot; and Hartford Public High School at 55 Forest Street near the tennis courts, and the pick hours are 9 AM – 12 noon tomorrow. Families will be able to pick up free produce including leaf lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, spinach, and tomatoes.  Hartford Public Schools security personnel will be asking families to practice social distancing.

“We are very grateful to Sysco, Freshpoint, and Foodshare for helping us make sure Hartford families get these fresh, healthy vegetables,” said Mayor Luke Bronin.  “The team at Hartford Public Schools is working incredibly hard to distribute food to families, and we’re also very grateful to them for all their work behind the scenes.”

“Hartford Public Schools has provided over 60,000 nutritious meals to children in Hartford this week,”said Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez.  “This fresh produce will help ensure that even more of our families have access to healthy food.  I want to thank Foodshare, Sysco, and FreshPoint for this very generous donation and for their partnership.”

“Foodshare is thrilled to be able to provide this produce to Hartford schoolchildren and their families – particularly on a Friday, so they can enjoy healthy meals all weekend,” said Jason Jakubowski, President and CEO of Foodshare.  “This is a difficult time for all of us, but even more so for those who struggle with food insecurity.  We are thankful to Mayor Bronin and the Hartford Public Schools for helping us fulfill our mission."


HARTFORD, CONN (26 de marzo del 2020)- Hoy, la Ciudad de Hartford anunció que mañana, Foodshare se asociará con las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford para distribuir más de 10,000 libras de productos frescos donados por Sysco y Freshpoint a familias entres lugares de distribución de comidasen los alrededores de Hartford. Los tres lugares de distribución son: Burr School en 400 Wethersfield Ave en el estacionamiento ovalado; Escuela Sand en 1750 Main Street en el estacionamiento del personal; y Hartford Public High School en 55 Forest Street, cerca de las canchas de tenis, y el horario de para recoger es de 9 AM a 12 del mediodía de mañana. Las familias podrán recoger productos gratuitos, como lechuga, espárragos, brócoli, calabacín, pepinos, espinacas y tomates. El personal de seguridad de las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford les pedirá a las familias que practiquen el distanciamiento social.

"Estamos muy agradecidos con Sysco, FreshPoint y Foodshare por ayudarnos a asegurarnos de que las familias de Hartford obtengan estos vegetales frescos y saludables", dijo el Alcalde Luke Bronin. "El equipo de las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford está trabajando increíblemente duro para distribuir alimentos a las familias, y también estamos muy agradecidos por todo el trabajo detrás de escena".

"Las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford han proporcionado más de 60,000 comidas nutritivas a los niños en Hartford esta semana", dijo la Superintendente Dra. Leslie Torres-Rodríguez. “Este producto fresco ayudará a garantizar que aún más familias tengan acceso a alimentos saludables. Quiero agradecer a Foodshare, Sysco y FreshPoint por esta generosa donación y por su asociación ".

"Foodshare está encantado de poder proporcionar este producto a las escuelas de Hartford y sus familias, especialmente los viernes, para que puedan disfrutar de comidas saludables durante todo el fin de semana", dijo Jason Jakubowski, Presidente y CEO de Foodshare. “Este es un momento difícil para todos nosotros, pero aún más para aquellos que luchan con la inseguridad alimentaria. Agradecemos al Alcalde Bronin y a las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford por ayudarnos a cumplir nuestra misión ".



March 24, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

24 de marzo de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo



HARTFORD, CONN (March 24, 2020) – Today the City of Hartford announced that the Hartford Police Department is taking new steps to promote social distancing, including expanding the Teleserve unit, which takes criminal complaints over the phone and will be handling a wider spectrum of calls of service in order to protect both the public and officers from unnecessary in-person contact.  This expansion of Teleserve will have no impact on the Hartford Police Department’s investigation of criminal complaints.  Calls for service including, but not limited to, non-emergency larceny complaints; identity theft complaints; burglary complaints with no suspect on scene and undetermined time of occurrence; and motor vehicle accidents without injuries, will be taken by telephone.  Police Department supervisors will determine what calls require an in-person response on a case by case basis.

In addition, the Police Department cruisers will begin to use their public announcement systems to play pre-recorded public health messages in English and Spanish, reminding the public of the importance of social distancing.  The messages will be broadcast if officers see groups of people congregating without social distancing.

“These are simple, effective steps to reduce the risk to officers and the public and continue to get the message out about social distancing,” said Mayor Bronin.  “Our police officers, alongside all of our first responders, are working very hard to deliver regular, vital services while also helping us prepare and respond to the threat of coronavirus.  We are deeply grateful to them, and we’re going to continue doing everything we can to keep them, and the public, healthy and safe.”

“We’re continuing to think of ways to serve our residents while doing everything we can to promote social distancing,” said Chief Thody.  “Both of these measures will help us do that.  The expanded Teleserve unit will allow us to take in complaints efficiently and safely, without affecting the investigative work we do.”


HARTFORD, CONN (24 de marzo del 2020) - Hoy, la Ciudad de Hartford anunció que el Departamento de Policía de Hartford está tomando nuevas medidas para promover el distanciamiento social, incluida la expansión de la unidad de Teleserve, que recibe denuncias penales por teléfono y manejará un espectro más amplio de llamadas de servicio para proteger tanto al público como a los oficiales del contacto innecesario en persona. Esta expansión de Teleserve no tendrá impacto en la investigación de denuncias penales del Departamento de Policía de Hartford. Servicios incluidos, pero no se limitan a, quejas de hurto que no son de emergencia; quejas de robo de identidad; quejas de robo sin sospechoso en la escena y tiempo indeterminado de ocurrencia; y accidentes automovilísticos sin lesiones, se tomarán por teléfono. Los supervisores del Departamento de Policía determinarán qué llamadas requieren una respuesta en persona caso por caso.

Además, los patrulleros del Departamento de Policía comenzarán a utilizar su sistema de anuncios públicos para reproducir mensajes de salud pública pregrabados en inglés y español, recordando al público la importancia del distanciamiento social. Los mensajes se transmitirán si los oficiales ven grupos de personas que se reúnen sin distanciamiento social.

"Estos son pasos simples y efectivos para reducir el riesgo para los oficiales y el público y continuar difundiendo el mensaje sobre el distanciamiento social", dijo el Alcalde Bronin. “Nuestros oficiales de policía, junto con todo nuestro personal de primeros auxilios, están trabajando muy duro para brindar servicios regulares y vitales al tiempo que nos ayudan a prepararnos y responder a la amenaza del coronavirus. Estamos profundamente agradecidos con ellos y vamos a seguir haciendo todo lo posible para mantenerlos, y al público, saludables y seguros ".

"Continuamos pensando en formas de servir a nuestros residentes mientras hacemos todo lo posible para promover el distanciamiento social", dijo el Jefe Thody. “Ambas medidas nos ayudarán a hacer eso. La unidad ampliada de Teleserve nos permitirá recibir quejas de manera eficiente y segura, sin afectar el trabajo de investigación que hacemos ".



March 20, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

20 de marzo de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo




HARTFORD, CONN (March 20, 2020) –Today Mayor Luke Bronin and Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez announced sixteen new meal distribution sites across the City of Hartford that will be open for three hours, three times a week beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 for Hartford Public Schools and Capitol Region Education Council students, which will replace the eight sites announced last week.  The full list of meal distribution locations in English and Spanish is availablehere and at  Students and families are encouraged to practice social distancing at pickup sites.


In addition, they announced that Hartford Public Schools plans to distribute Chromebooks to students beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 at the sixteen meal distribution sites.  Hartford Public Schools plans to launch distancing learning on Monday, March 30, 2020.

“Over the course of this week,we’ve seen more and more students and families pick up mealsevery day, andby doubling the number of distribution sites and extending the hours, we hope to get food to even more kids and families,” said Mayor Bronin.  “This distribution of devices will make remote learning possible for thousands of students who don’t have access to technology now, and it will be critical to help students continue learning and complete actual school days.  I want to thankSuperintendent Torres-Rodriguez and the outstandingteams at Harford Public Schools and Metro Hartford Innovation services, who have worked very hard tomove these two incredibly important and complex initiatives forward.  I also want to recognize all of the educators at Hartford Public Schools, whose hard work,dedication, creativity and flexibilitywill be crucial to successful distance learning.”


“We hope these new meal distribution sites will help as many students as possible get the nutrition they need,” said Superintendent Torres-Rodriguez.  “We have also begun distributing Chromebooks to students and over the next week, more will be available at the sixteen meal distribution sites.  Students can use the devices for self-directed learning until more formalized learning opportunities are finalized.  We look forward to continuing to work with the Hartford Federation of Teachers as we work to aim to meet the needs of all our learners and to provide ongoing support to our staff.  I want to thank all of our staff members who have worked so hard to get both of these programs set up so quickly.”




HARTFORD, CONN (20 de marzo de 2020) - Hoy, el alcalde Luke Bronin y la superintendente Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez anunciaron dieciséis nuevos sitios de distribución de comidas en la ciudad de Hartford que estarán abiertos durante tres horas, tres veces a la semana a partir del lunes 23 de marzo, 2020 para los estudiantes de Hartford Public Schools y Capitol Region Education Council, que reemplazarán a los ocho sitios anunciados la semana pasada. La lista completa de ubicaciones de distribución de comidas en inglés y español está disponible aquí y en Se alienta a los estudiantes y las familias a practicar el distanciamiento social en los sitios de recogida.

Además, anunciaron que las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford planean distribuir Chromebooks a los estudiantes a partir del lunes 23 de marzo de 2020 en los dieciséis sitios de distribución de comidas. Las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford planean lanzar el aprendizaje a distancia el lunes 30 de marzo de 2020.

"En el transcurso de esta semana, hemos visto que más y más estudiantes y familias recogen comidas todos los días, y al duplicar el número de sitios de distribución y extender el horario, esperamos llevar comida a aún más niños y familias," dijo el alcalde Bronin. “Esta distribución de dispositivos hará posible el aprendizaje remoto para miles de estudiantes que no tienen acceso a la tecnología ahora, y será fundamental ayudar a los estudiantes a continuar aprendiendo y completar los días escolares reales. Quiero agradecer al Superintendente Torres-Rodríguez y a los equipos sobresalientes de las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford y los servicios de Innovación Metro Hartford, que han trabajado muy duro para hacer avanzar estas dos iniciativas increíblemente importantes y complejas. También quiero reconocer a todos los educadores de las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford, cuyo arduo trabajo, dedicación, creatividad y flexibilidad serán cruciales para un aprendizaje a distancia exitoso.”

"Esperamos que estos nuevos sitios de distribución de comidas ayuden a la mayor cantidad de estudiantes posible a obtener la nutrición que necesitan", dijo el Superintendente Torres-Rodríguez. “También hemos comenzado a distribuir Chromebooks a los estudiantes y durante la próxima semana, habrá más disponibles en los dieciséis sitios de distribución de comidas. Los estudiantes pueden usar los dispositivos para el aprendizaje autodirigido hasta que se finalicen las oportunidades de aprendizaje más formalizadas. Esperamos seguir trabajando con la Federación de Maestros de Hartford a medida que trabajamos para satisfacer las necesidades de todos nuestros alumnos y brindar apoyo continuo a nuestro personal. Quiero agradecer a todos los miembros de nuestro personal que han trabajado tan duro para configurar ambos programas tan rápidamente."


March 19, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

19 de marzo de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo


HARTFORD, CONN (March 19, 2020) – Today the City of Hartford announced that effective Friday, March 20, 2020, social and recreational gatherings of more than ten people will be prohibited in the city.  The social and recreational activities include, but are not limited to: community, civic, and sporting events; plays or live performances; as well as religious, spiritual, or worship gatherings.  Earlier this week, the Centers for Disease Control issued guidance that all events of ten or more people should be cancelled.  The emergency order runs through April 30, 2020, but may be modified, extended, or terminated at any time, and it is available here.  

“Coronavirus is here in our communities, and the confirmed positive cases are only the tip of the iceberg,” said Mayor Bronin.  “Consistent with CDC guidance, we are issuing this emergency order to emphasize that everyone must minimize contact with others if we are going to be successful in slowing down the spread.  We will use this emergency order to ask people to stop congregating in groups of more than ten, as we do everything possible to get the word out about the importance of social distancing.  This is a significant step to take, but especially as the weather gets better, we need to do everything possible to discourage group gatherings.”

The City of Hartford has been coordinating with a number of municipalities around the state that are considering or implementing a similar measure.



HARTFORD, CONN (19 de marzo del 2020) - Hoy, la Ciudad de Hartford anunció que a partir del viernes 20 de marzo del 2020, se prohibirán las reuniones sociales y recreativas de más de diez personas en la Ciudad. Las actividades sociales y recreativas incluyen, pero no se limitan a: eventos comunitarios, cívicos, deportivos; obras de teatro o actuaciones en vivo; así como reuniones religiosas, espirituales o de adoración. A principios de esta semana, los Centros para el Control de Enfermedades emitieron una guía de que todos los eventos de diez o más personas deberían cancelarse. La orden de emergencia se extiende hasta el 30 de abril del 2020, pero puede modificarse, extenderse o cancelarse en cualquier momento, y está disponible aquí.

"El coronavirus está aquí en nuestras comunidades, y los casos positivos confirmados son solo la punta del iceberg", dijo el Alcalde Bronin. “De acuerdo con la guía del CDC, estamos emitiendo esta orden de emergencia para enfatizar que todos deben minimizar el contacto con otros y así vamos a tener éxito en frenar la propagación. Usaremos esta orden de emergencia para pedirles a las personas que dejen de congregarse en grupos de más de diez personas, ya que hacemos todo lo posible para dar a conocer la importancia del distanciamiento social. Este es un paso importante, pero especialmente a medida que el clima mejora, necesitamos hacer todo lo posible para desalentar las reuniones grupales”.

La Ciudad de Hartford ha estado coordinando con varios municipios del estado que están considerando o implementando una medida similar.





HARTFORD, CONN (March 19, 2020) – Today the City of Hartford announced that four Hartford Police officers, who returned from international travel and were asked not to return to work upon their arrival in the United States, have tested positive for coronavirus.  The officers were on personal leave and they returned from Spain, which was not on the Centers for Disease Control’s list of countries with a coronavirus advisory at the time they returned.  The Hartford Police Department asked them not to return to work out of an abundance of caution.  There is a fifth officer who was in contact with one of the officers who tested positive before the positive test came back, and that officer is now at home and will be tested.  At this point, none appear to have significant symptoms and are at home.  


“We are going to see many cases of coronavirus, and like the Hartford Police Department did in this case, we need to do everything we can to keep first responders, healthcare professionals, and others who provide essential services healthy,” said Mayor Luke Bronin.  “We wish these officers a quick recovery, and we’re grateful for their commitment to our city.”


The Hartford Police Department was deep cleaned over the weekend, along with other City facilities, and the Department is cleaning cars after every use.  The Department has also implemented social distancing during everyday activities, including roll calls.


“We asked these officers not to return from work because we are taking every step to keep our officers healthy and safe,” said Police Chief Jason Thody.  “Along with other first responders, we are ready and committed to serving our community during this pandemic.”



HARTFORD, CONN (19 de marzo del 2020) - Hoy, la Ciudad de Hartford anunció que cuatro oficiales de la policía de Hartford, que regresaron de un viaje internacional personal el 10 de marzo, se les pidió que no regresaran al trabajo después de su llegada a los Estados Unidos, ellos dieron positivo para coronavirus. Los oficiales estaban en licencia personal y viajaron a España, que no figuraba en la lista de países del Centro para el Control de Enfermedades con un aviso de coronavirus en ese momento. A pesar de que España todavía no estaba incluida en las advertencias de los CDC en el momento de su regreso, la Ciudad de Hartford y el Departamento de Policía de Hartford pidieron a esos oficiales que no regresaran a trabajar por un período de catorce días. Un quinto oficial que estaba fuera de servicio estuvo en contacto con uno de los oficiales antes de recibir los resultados de la prueba, Ahora está en casa y será examinado. En este punto, ninguno parece tener síntomas significativos y se auto aíslan en casa.

"Vamos a ver muchos casos de coronavirus en todo nuestro estado y nuestra comunidad en las próximas semanas, pero pedirles a estos oficiales que no regresen al trabajo fue la decisión correcta, y puede haber exposiciones significativamente limitadas en los últimos diez días dentro del Departamento de policía de Hartford. Esto demuestra por qué estamos siendo tan cuidadosos al imponer restricciones estrictas, incluso cuando esas restricciones exceden lo que se exige legalmente o se aborda explícitamente en las pautas de los CDC. Necesitamos hacer todo lo posible para mantener a los socorristas, profesionales de la salud, otros que brindan servicios esenciales y a nuestra comunidad en general lo más saludable posible. Deseamos a estos oficiales una recuperación rápida, y estamos agradecidos por su compromiso con nuestra Ciudad ".

El Departamento de Policía de Hartford se limpió a fondo durante el fin de semana, junto con otras instalaciones de la Ciudad, y el Departamento está limpiando automóviles después de cada uso. El Departamento también ha implementado el distanciamiento social durante las actividades cotidianas, incluidas reuniones de asistencia.

"Les pedimos a estos oficiales que no regresen al trabajo porque estamos dando todos los pasos para mantener a nuestros oficiales sanos y seguros", dijo el Jefe de Policía Jason Thody. "Junto con otros socorristas, estamos listos y comprometidos a servir a nuestra comunidad durante esta pandemia".




March 18, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

18 de marzo de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo




HARTFORD, CONN (March 17, 2020) – Today the City of Hartford announced that it will reopen tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18, 2020 with modified, limited city services, as part of its efforts to slow the community spread of coronavirus.  Public safety and public works functions will continue, but some walk-in services will be suspended.  As many financial and administrative functions as possible will be performed remotely.  These modified, limited city services will be in place indefinitely.  A guide to specific departments, facilities, and operations is available below.  Residents are encouraged to check before visiting City offices to ensure the service they are looking for is available.


“We will continue delivering vital public safety and public works services, including sanitation and bulky waste pick up, but as a City government we are doing everything we can to practice social distancing and limit gatherings of people,” said Mayor Luke Bronin.  “We are moving as many employees to remote work as possible, and where in-person services are being maintained, we are taking extra precautions to ensure social distancing and a high level of hygiene.  We ask residents to understand that our priority must be public health, and that this will have a real impact on some services we ordinarily provide.”


“This is a time for us to listen to the health experts and incorporate their guidance into every part of our lives,” said Maly D. Rosado, City Council President.  “We will continue providing the basic services our community needs, while taking precautions to keep our employees and residents safe.  We encourage all of our residents and businesses to do everything possible to maintain social distancing and minimize contact as we all work to slow the spread of coronavirus.”




  • City Hall will remain open during its normal business hours for Tax Collection, Town Clerk and Registrars of Voters.  However, residents are strongly encouraged to check or call Hartford 311 to ensure the service they are looking for remains accessible.


  • Residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to use online public services for payment of taxes at


  • The Office of Community Engagement and the Hartford 311 Service Center located on the ground floor of City Hall will be closed. However, Hartford 311 staff will be available to respond to phone calls, emails, and requests made via Hartford 311 app. 


The following City buildings will be closed to the public until further notice:


  • Hartford Early Learning Centers – Asylum, Hyland and Metzner
  • Hartford Public Libraries
  • Hartford Public Schools
  • Recreation Centers and Pools

·       Senior Centers

  • All recreation programs, classes, permits and reservations are canceled until further notice. 




Development Services


·      All services requiring in-person visits or public service counter assistance will be suspended, with the exception of Building and Planning Applications and Fire Marshal Plan reviews, until further notice.


·      The Department will continue accepting Building and Planning Applications, and Fire Marshal Plan reviews by appointment only from 9:00 AM 12:00 noon, Monday - Friday; appointments will be for 30 minutes. Appointments can be made by contacting (860) 757-9239 or (860) 757-9207. For all scheduling options, visit


·      Building Inspectors will continue normal inspections, until further notice.


·      Housing Inspections will only be available to respond to emergency requests for inspections that are requested through HPD, HFD, and Hartford311.


·      All Land Use commission meetings will be held virtually. Information is available at


Health and Human Services


·      The Health Department will continue to accept in-person applications for food licenses and permitting, Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 2 PM.


·      Food inspectors will continue normal inspection, until further notice.


·      Relocation Services will be by appointment only. Please call 860-757-4717.


·      Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) services will be provided remotely.


·      Clinic services: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10 AM to 2 PM (last client will be taken at 1:45 PM).


Hartford Fire Department


·      Incident Reports (copies of fire reports, EMS calls, etc.) will not be accepted in person.  Please visit for instructions on how to submit online.


·      In-person applications for liquor licenses, special events and pyrotechnics/flame effects/fireworks will not be accepted until further notice.


·      Fire Marshal Plan reviews will be by appointment only from 9:00 AM 12:00 noon, Monday - Friday; appointments will be for 30 minutes. Appointments can be made by contacting (860) 757-9239 or (860) 757-9207. For all scheduling options, visit


Hartford Police Department


·      The front desk at Police Headquarters will remain open and staffed with police officers, though the City encourages everyone to call 860-757-4000 for non-emergency police assistance and 860-757-4350 for general information and questions regarding filing police reports.


·      The Records Division will only be accepting requests via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Animal Control will remain open.


  • All services requiring in-person visits or public service counter assistance, including fingerprinting services, loudspeaker, raffle, liquor and pistol permits, and any other functions not essential to public safety will be suspended until further notice. 


Department of Public Works


  • City parks and municipal golf courses will remain accessible to the public and their maintenance and upkeep will continue. 


  • Trash and recycling collection and bulky waste pick up will continue per the usual schedule.


  • The Transfer Station will remain open or until further notice.


  • Permit submissions, including for road cuts, excavation, and obstructions of roadway, will be suspended until further notice. Emergency permitting may occur on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact the City Engineer, Frank Dellaripa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

·       MyRec athletic fields reservation system will be suspended until further notice, though parks will remain open.




In person board and commission meetings will not take place until further notice.  However, boards and commissions may choose to meet via teleconference or videoconference, as provided for in the Governor’s Executive Order 7B.


For additional assistance, please contact Hartford 311 at 860-757-3111, Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM. 




HARTFORD, CONN (17 de marzo de 2020) - Hoy, la ciudad de Hartford anunció que reabrirá mañana, miércoles 18 de marzo de 2020 con servicios municipales modificados y limitados, como parte de sus esfuerzos para frenar la propagación comunitaria del coronavirus. Las funciones de seguridad pública y obras públicas continuarán, pero se suspenderán algunos servicios sin cita previa. Se realizarán de forma remota tantas funciones financieras y administrativas como sea posible. Estos servicios municipales modificados y limitados estarán en vigencia indefinidamente. Una guía de departamentos, instalaciones y operaciones específicas está disponible a continuación. Se alienta a los residentes a consultar antes de visitar las oficinas de la Ciudad para asegurarse de que el servicio que están buscando esté disponible.

"Continuaremos brindando servicios vitales de seguridad pública y obras públicas, incluyendo saneamiento y recolección de desechos voluminosos, pero como gobierno de la Ciudad estamos haciendo todo lo posible para practicar el distanciamiento social y limitar las reuniones de personas", dijo el alcalde Luke Bronin. “Estamos trasladando a tantos empleados al trabajo remoto como sea posible, y donde se mantienen los servicios en persona, estamos tomando precauciones adicionales para garantizar el distanciamiento social y un alto nivel de higiene. Pedimos a los residentes que comprendan que nuestra prioridad debe ser la salud pública y que esto tendrá un impacto real en algunos servicios que normalmente brindamos”.

"Este es un momento para que escuchemos a los expertos en salud e incorporemos su orientación en cada parte de nuestras vidas", dijo Maly D. Rosado, Presidenta del Concejo Municipal. “Continuaremos brindando los servicios básicos que nuestra comunidad necesita, mientras tomamos precauciones para mantener seguros a nuestros empleados y residentes. Alentamos a todos nuestros residentes y negocios a hacer todo lo posible para mantener el distanciamiento social y minimizar el contacto mientras todos trabajamos para frenar la propagación del coronavirus ".


·      El Ayuntamiento permanecerá abierto durante su horario comercial normal para la recaudación de impuestos, el secretario municipal y los registradores de votantes. Sin embargo, se recomienda encarecidamente a los residentes que consulten o llamen a Hartford 311 para asegurarse de que el servicio que buscan permanezca accesible.

·      Se recomienda encarecidamente a los residentes y las empresas que utilicen los servicios públicos en línea para el pago de impuestos en

·      La Oficina de Participación de la Comunidad y el Centro de Servicio Hartford 311 ubicado en la planta baja del Ayuntamiento estarán cerrados. Sin embargo, el personal de Hartford 311 estará disponible para responder llamadas telefónicas, correos electrónicos y solicitudes realizadas a través de la aplicación Hartford 311.

Los siguientes edificios de la Ciudad estarán cerrados al público hasta nuevo aviso:

·      Centros de aprendizaje temprano de Hartford: Asylum, Hyland y Metzner

·      Bibliotecas públicas de Hartford

·      Escuelas públicas de Hartford

·      Centros de recreación y piscinas

·      Centros para personas mayores

·      Todos los programas de recreación, clases, permisos y reservas se cancelan hasta nuevo aviso.


Servicios de Desarrollo

·      Se suspenderán todos los servicios que requieran visitas en persona o asistencia de mostrador de servicio público, con la excepción de las aplicaciones de construcción y planificación y las revisiones del plan de bomberos, hasta nuevo aviso.

·      El Departamento continuará aceptando solicitudes de construcción y planificación, y revisiones del plan de bomberos con cita previa solo de 9:00 a.m. a 12:00 mediodía, de lunes a viernes; las citas serán por 30 minutos. Se pueden hacer citas llamando al (860) 757-9239 o (860) 757-9207. Para todas las opciones de programación visite

·      Los inspectores de construcción continuarán las inspecciones normales, hasta nuevo aviso.

·      Las inspecciones de vivienda solo estarán disponibles para responder a las solicitudes de emergencia de inspecciones que se soliciten a través de HPD, HFD y Hartford 311.

·      Todas las reuniones de la comisión de uso del suelo se llevarán a cabo virtualmente. La información está disponible en

El Departmento de Salud y Servicios Humanos

·      El Departamento de Salud continuará aceptando solicitudes en persona para licencias y permisos de alimentos, de lunes a viernes, de 10 a.m. a 2 p.m.

·      Los inspectores de alimentos continuarán la inspección normal, hasta nuevo aviso.

·      Los servicios de reubicación serán solo con cita previa. Por favor llame al (860) 757-4717.

·      Los servicios para mujeres, bebés y niños (WIC) se proporcionarán de forma remota.

·      Servicios de la clínica: lunes, martes y jueves de 10 a.m. a 2 p.m. (el último cliente se tomará a las 1:45 p.m.).

Departamento De Bomberos De Hartford

·      Los informes de incidentes (copias de informes de incendios, llamadas de EMS, etc.) no serán aceptados en persona.  Visite para obtener instrucciones sobre cómo enviar en línea.

·      Las solicitudes en persona para licencias de licor, eventos especiales y pirotecnia/efectos de llamas/fuegos artificiales no serán aceptadas hasta nuevo aviso.

·      Las revisiones del plan de Fire Marshal serán con cita previa solo a partir de las 9:00 a.m. a 12:00 mediodía, de lunes a viernes; las citas serán por 30 minutos. Las citas se pueden hacer llamando a (860) 757-9239 o (860) 757-9207. Para todas las opciones de programación, visite

Departamento de Policía de Hartford

·      La recepción de la Jefatura de Policía permanecerá abierta y dotada de personal con agentes de policía, aunque la ciudad alienta a todos a llamar al (860) 757-4000 para obtener asistencia policial que no sea de emergencia y (860) 757-4350 para obtener información general y preguntas sobre la presentación de informes policiales.

·      La División de Registros solo aceptará solicitudes por correo electrónico en This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

·      La oficina de Animal Control permanecerá abierto.

·      Todos los servicios que requieran visitas en persona o asistencia de mostrador de servicio público, incluidos los servicios de toma de huellas dactilares, altavoz, rifa, licor y pistola, y cualquier otra función que no sea esencial para la seguridad pública se suspenderá hasta nuevo aviso.

Departamento de Obras Públicas

·      Los parques de la Ciudad y los campos de golf municipales permanecerán accesibles al público y su mantenimiento y mantenimiento continuarán.

·      La recolección de basura y reciclaje y la recogida de residuos voluminosos continuarán según el horario habitual.

·      La estación de transferencia permanecerá abierta o hasta nuevo aviso.

·      Las presentaciones de permisos, incluso para los cortes de carretera, excavación y obstrucciones de la carretera, se suspenderán hasta nuevo aviso. Los permisos de emergencia pueden ocurrir caso por caso.  Póngase en contacto con el ingeniero de la ciudad, Frank Dellaripa por correo electronico a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

·      El sistema de reserva de campos deportivos MyRec se suspenderá hasta nuevo aviso, aunque los parques permanecerán abiertos.

Juntas Directiva y Comisiones

·      Las reuniones de la Juntas Directiva y de la Comisión en persona no tendrán lugar hasta nuevo aviso.  Sin embargo, la Junta Directiva y las Comisiones pueden optar por reunirse por teleconferencia o videoconferencia, según lo dispuesto en la Orden Ejecutiva del Gobernador 7B.

Para obtener asistencia adicional, comuníquese con Hartford 311 al (860) 757-3111, de lunes a viernes, de 8 a.m. a 5 p.m. 


March 11, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

11 de marzo de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo

Dear Hartford Residents:

As you may know, yesterday Governor Lamont declared emergencies because of the spread of coronavirus. Today, the World Health Organization classified coronavirus as a pandemic, which means that they expect the number of cases to increase in the weeks ahead.

While there is a lot we don’t know about coronavirus, we know four things for sure.

1. Coronavirus will spread, and there will likely be cases in Hartford.

2. Everyone can take easy steps to dramatically reduce the likelihood that they will get sick, like avoiding shaking hands, washing hands regularly, and avoiding unnecessary contact with others. A full list of steps to prevent illness is available from the Centers for Disease Control here:

3. While coronavirus can produce serious medical complications, especially for seniors and people who have chronic medical conditions, the vast majority of people who do become infected go through what feels like a cold or flu and then recover.

4. We know that it is much easier to take aggressive actions early to reduce the likelihood that coronavirus spreads at a rate that overwhelms health systems.

Today, we announced that we are closing our four senior centers in Hartford effective Monday, March 16, 2020. We will pause daytime programming for adults at our two recreation centers, which is primarily utilized by retirees, also effective March 16, 2020. We will reevaluate both actions after two weeks.

Our senior centers are important places for residents to gather and stay active. We are taking this proactive measure to reduce the risk that coronavirus spreads among our senior citizens, who we know are at greater risk if exposed to the new coronavirus. Even though there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Hartford region yet, the safety and well-being of our seniors is paramount, and all of the expert guidance tells us that it’s better to act early and take precautions.

Liany E. Arroyo, MPH, CPH                        

Director, Health and Human Services   


Reginald D. Freeman, MS, FIFireE, CFO                  

Fire Chief – Emergency Management Director

Estimados Residentes de Hartford:

Como sabrán, ayer el gobernador Lamont declaró emergencias debido a la propagación del coronavirus. Hoy, la Organización Mundial de la Salud clasificó el coronavirus como una pandemia, lo que significa que esperan que el número de casos aumente en las próximas semanas.

Si bien hay muchas cosas que no sabemos sobre el coronavirus, estamos seguros de cuatro cosas.

1. El coronavirus se propagará y probablemente habrá casos en Hartford.

2. Todos pueden tomar medidas sencillas para reducir drásticamente la probabilidad de enfermarse, como evitar darse la mano, lavarse las manos regularmente y evitar el contacto innecesario con otras personas. Una lista completa de pasos para prevenir enfermedades está disponible en los Centros para el Control de Enfermedades aquí:

3. Si bien el coronavirus puede producir complicaciones médicas graves, especialmente a personas mayores y personas con afecciones médicas crónicas, la gran mayoría de las personas que se infectan pasan por lo que se siente como un resfriado o gripe y luego se recuperan.

4. Sabemos que es mucho más fácil tomar acciones agresivas temprano para reducir la probabilidad de que el coronavirus se propague a un ritmo que abruma a los sistemas de salud.

Hoy, anunciamos que cerraremos nuestros cuatro centros para personas de la tercera edad en Hartford a partir del lunes 16 de marzo del 2020. Haremos una pausa en la programación para adultos en nuestros dos centros de recreación, que es utilizada principalmente por jubilados, también a partir del 16 de marzo del 2020. Nosotros reevaluaremos ambas acciones después de dos semanas.

Nuestros centros para personas mayores son lugares importantes para que los residentes se reúnan y se mantengan activos. Estamos tomando esta medida proactiva para reducir el riesgo de que el coronavirus se propague entre nuestros adultos mayores, quienes sabemos que están en mayor riesgo si se exponen al nuevo coronavirus. Aunque todavía no hay casos confirmados de coronavirus en la región de Hartford, la seguridad y el bienestar de nuestros adultos mayores es primordial, y toda la orientación experta nos dice que es mejor actuar temprano y tomar precauciones.

Liany E. Arroyo, MPH, CPH

Directora de Salud y Servicios Humanos

Reginald D. Freeman, MS, FIFireE, CFO

Director, Jefe de Bomberos - Director de Manejo de Emergencias


March 6, 2020 Coronavirus Updates from the City of Hartford

6 de marzo de 2020 Actualizaciones de coronavirus de la ciudad de Hartford - Español debajo

Dear City of Hartford Residents:

Over the last few weeks, the City of Hartford has been working internally and with state and federal officials to ensure we are prepared in the event that coronavirus, or COVID-19, is identified in Hartford. 

We want you to know what steps we are taking, and we want you to have the best information to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed that in Washington, Oregon, and California, there has been community spread of COVID-19, which means people have been infected who are not sure how or where they became infected.  This is not unexpected, and in spite of this, the risk of contracting COVID-19 still remains low.  The overwhelming majority of those who have COVID-19 experience a mild to moderate flu-like illness.

To make sure that Hartford is ready, here are some things we are doing to prepare:

·      Updating our Pandemic Flu Plan for the City, based on guidance from CDC, in order to use it as a model response plan

·      Convening regular meetings of key personnel involved in the response to a pandemic, including coordination with hospitals, schools, libraries, and other stakeholders

·      Staying in regular contact with our State and Federal partners

·      Taking inventory of existing medical supplies to determine what supplies the City may need to acquire

·      Updating current cleaning protocols, as needed

·      Reviewing our Emergency Operations Plan

Your City agencies are working closely to ensure that Hartford is prepared for what may come. Preparation is the key to prevention. Here is what you can do to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in the future.

·      Stay home if you are sick.

·      Avoid close contact with sick people.

·      Cover your coughs and sneezes with a new tissue every time or into your sleeve, not your hands.

·      Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.

·      Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you do, wash your hands.

·      Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects daily that may be contaminated with germs using regular household detergent and water. Make sure you clean things that you may not clean often such as door knobs, telephones, light switches, etc.

·      Greet coworkers, friends, and family with elbow taps rather than handshakes

We We also encourage you to prepare for the possibility of a COVID-19 coming to Hartford and Connecticut by:

Create a household plan of action.

·      Talk with the people who need to be included in your plan.

·      Meet with household members, other relatives, and friends to discuss what to do if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in Hartford and what the needs of each person will be.

·      Plan ways to care for those who might be at greater risk for serious complications.

·      While we do not have a lot of information about who may be at risk for severe problems from coronavirus, it is possible that older adults and persons who have other illnesses may be at risk for more serious problems. If you or anyone in your home are at increased risk for COVID-19 problems, please talk to your doctor for more information about watching your health for symptoms similar to coronavirus.

·      Stay on top of the news.

·      We will continue to send updates regarding COVID-19, but we encourage you to listen and read trusted sources of information. One source is the CDC website at

·      Create an emergency contact list.

·      Have a current list of emergency contacts for family, friends, neighbors, health care providers, teachers, employers, etc. in case you need it.

·      Choose a room in your home that can be used to separate sick household members from those who are healthy. Plan to clean these rooms, as needed, when someone is sick.

Have a plan if your child’s school or childcare center is temporarily closed

During a coronavirus outbreak, there is a chance your child’s school or day care center may close to help prevent others from getting sick. Have a plan in place for how you will handle this. If your child is in college, ask them to learn about the school’s plan for a COVID-19 outbreak.

Plan for potential changes at your workplace

Learn about your employer’s emergency operations plan. Discuss sick-leave policies and telework options if you get sick or who need to stay home to care for a sick family member.

These steps have been adapted from the CDC. For more detailed information, please visit

Please know that the information on the coronavirus changes daily. However, we will provide updates as needed to make sure you have the information you need to stay healthy on our City, the Hartford 311 page, the One Hartford Newsletter, and other social media accounts.

Liany E. Arroyo, MPH, CPH                        

Director, Health and Human Services   


Reginald D. Freeman, MS, FIFireE, CFO                  

Fire Chief – Emergency Management Director

Estimados Residentes de la Ciudad de Hartford:

Durante las últimas semanas, la Ciudad de Hartford ha estado trabajando internamente con funcionarios estatales y federales para garantizar que estemos preparados en caso de que se identifique el coronavirus o COVID-19 en Hartford.

Queremos comunicarles qué pasos estamos tomando, y queremos que tengan la mejor información para mantenerlo a usted y a su familia seguros y saludables.

Los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) han confirmado que, en Washington, Oregón y California, se ha extendido la comunidad de COVID-19, lo que significa que las personas han sido infectadas y no están seguras de cómo o dónde se infectaron. Esto no es inesperado y, a pesar de esto, el riesgo de contraer COVID-19 sigue siendo bajo. La abrumadora mayoría de los que tienen COVID-19 experimentan una enfermedad similar a la gripe de leve a moderada.

Para asegurarnos de que Hartford esté listo, aquí hay algunas cosas que estamos haciendo para prepararnos:

• Actualizar nuestro Plan de gripe pandémica para la Ciudad, basado en la guía de los CDC, para usarlo como un plan modelo de respuesta.

• Convocar reuniones periódicas de personal clave involucrado en la respuesta a una pandemia, incluida la coordinación con hospitales, escuelas, bibliotecas y otras partes interesadas.

• Mantenerse en contacto regular con nuestros socios estatales y federales.

• Hacer un inventario de los suministros médicos existentes para determinar qué suministros se pueden necesitar y los que la Ciudad pueda adquirir.

• Actualización de los protocolos de limpieza actuales, según sea necesario.

• Revisión de nuestro plan de operaciones de emergencia.

Las agencias de su Ciudad están trabajando estrechamente para garantizar que Hartford esté preparado para lo que pueda venir. La preparación es la clave de la prevención. Esto es lo que puede hacer para ayudar a prevenir la propagación del coronavirus en el futuro.

• Quédate en casa si estás enfermo.

• Evite el contacto cercano con personas enfermas.

• Cúbrase al toser y al estornudar con un pañuelo nuevo cada vez o con la manga, no use las manos.

• Lávese las manos con frecuencia con agua y jabón durante al menos 20 segundos. Si no hay agua y jabón disponibles, use un desinfectante para manos a base de alcohol.

• Evitar tocarse los ojos, la nariz y la boca. Si lo haces, lávate las manos.

• Limpie y desinfecte diariamente las superficies y los objetos que puedan estar contaminados con gérmenes utilizando detergente doméstico y agua. Asegúrese de limpiar cosas que no puede limpiar a menudo, como perillas de puertas, teléfonos, interruptores de luz, etc.

• Salude a sus compañeros de trabajo, amigos y familiares con golpes de codo en lugar de apretones de mano.

También lo alentamos a prepararse para la posibilidad de que un COVID-19 llegue a Hartford y Connecticut mediante:

Haga un plan de acción familiar

• Hable con las personas que necesitan ser incluidas en su plan.

•Reúnase con miembros del hogar, otros parientes y amigos para discutir qué hacer si ocurre un brote de COVID-19 en Hartford y cuáles serán las necesidades de cada persona.

• Planifique maneras de cuidar a aquellos que podrían estar en mayor riesgo de complicaciones graves.

• Si bien no tenemos mucha información sobre quién puede estar en riesgo de sufrir problemas graves por el coronavirus, es posible que los adultos mayores y las personas que tienen otras enfermedades puedan estar en riesgo de tener problemas más graves. Si usted o alguien en su hogar tiene un mayor riesgo de problemas con COVID-19, hable con su médico para obtener más información sobre cómo vigilar su salud para detectar síntomas similares al coronavirus.

•Manténgase al tanto de las noticias.

• Continuaremos enviando actualizaciones sobre COVID-19, pero lo animamos a escuchar y leer fuentes confiables de información. Una fuente es el sitio web de los CDC en

• Crear una lista de contactos de emergencia.

• Tenga una lista actualizada de contactos de emergencia para familiares, amigos, vecinos, proveedores de atención médica, maestros, empleadores, etc. en caso de que la necesite.

• Elija una habitación en su hogar que pueda usarse para separar a los miembros enfermos del hogar de los que están sanos. Planifique limpiar estas habitaciones, según sea necesario, cuando alguien esté enfermo.

Tenga un plan si la escuela o centro de cuidado infantil de su hijo está cerrado temporalmente

• Durante un brote de coronavirus, existe la posibilidad de que la escuela o la guardería de su hijo cierren para ayudar a evitar que otros se enfermen. Tenga un plan sobre cómo manejará esto. Si su hijo está en la universidad, pídales que conozcan el plan de la escuela para un brote de COVID-19.

Planifique posibles cambios en su lugar de trabajo

• Conozca el plan de operaciones de emergencia de su empleador. Discuta las políticas de licencia por enfermedad y las opciones de teletrabajo si se enferma o si necesita quedarse en casa para cuidar a un familiar enfermo.

Estos pasos han sido adaptados de los CDC. Para obtener información más detallada, visite

Tenga en cuenta que la información sobre el coronavirus cambia a diario. Sin embargo, proporcionaremos actualizaciones según sea necesario para asegurarnos de que tenga la información que necesita para mantenerse saludable.

Liany E. Arroyo, MPH, CPH

Directora de Salud y Servicios Humanos

Reginald D. Freeman, MS, FIFireE, CFO

Director, Jefe de Bomberos - Director de Manejo de Emergencias



HARTFORD, CONN (March 4, 2020) – Today Mayor Luke Bronin nominated Hartford attorney and member of the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education David Jimenez to serve on the Hartford Board of Education.  Jimenez is a principal in the Hartford office of the law firm Jackson Lewis, where he serves as Co-Chair of the Corporate Governance practice group.  He is a past president and board member of the Hartford County Bar Foundation, and he also served for two years as a liaison to the American Bar Association’s National Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the legal profession.  His nomination is subject to confirmation by the Hartford City Council.

“With his experience on the Connecticut Board of Regents, David Jimenez will bring an important perspective to the Board of Education as we work to build strong connections and pathways between the school system and higher learning,” said Mayor Bronin.  “David also has extensive experience in the governance of large organizations as an attorney, and that will be valuable to the Board of Education as well.  He is also deeply committed to the community, volunteering his time to serve a number of Hartford institutions, and I am proud to nominate him to this important position.”

“I am honored to bring my experience serving on the Connecticut Board of Regents and as an attorney to the Board of Education,” said David Jimenez.  “Education has been a passion of mine for a long time because I know from my own experience how it can transform lives.  The Superintendent and the Board of Education are pursuing important reforms through the District Model for Excellence, and I am looking forward to working with them to make our schools the best they can be.”

Jimenez’s law practice includes representing publicly traded corporations on various matters including organizational compliance, internal investigations, and other matters.  In November of 2014, Mr. Jimenez was appointed by Governor Malloy to serve on the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education, which oversees Connecticut’s seventeen universities and community colleges serving over 90,000 students. 

Jimenez also serves as the current President of the Board of Directors of The Hartford Stage Company.  He is a former Trustee of The Mark Twain House & Museum.  He received his law degree from Hofstra University School of Law, and his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Texas.




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