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(5 de febrero de 2016) El alcalde de Hartford, Luke Bronin, ha declarado una prohibición de estacionamiento por emergencia de nieve en la Ciudad de Hartford, comenzando a las 6:00 p.m. del viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016, hasta las 9:00 a.m. del sábado, 6 de febrero de 2016. Todos los estacionamientos de las Escuelas Públicas del Distrito de Hartford están disponibles para el público. Sin embargo, los vehículos deben ser retirados del estacionamiento escolar antes del mediodía del sábado.

“Con la fuerte precipitación de nieve a lo largo del día y una baja en las temperaturas pronosticadas para esta noche, es crucial permitir que nuestro equipo de limpieza pueda trabajar en las calles antes que se acumule material congelado que es difícil de remover,” dijo Bronin. “Esta prohibición de estacionamiento nos permite limpiar todas las calles rápidamente. Le pido a los residentes que retiren sus vehículos de las calles y que se estacionen en uno de los lotes de nuestra escuela antes que comience la prohibición”.

Durante una prohibición de estacionamiento por emergencia de nieve, se prohíbe estacionar en las calles de la Ciudad de Hartford. Cualquier vehículo que no sea retirado de las calles de la Ciudad al inicio de la prohibición de estacionamiento será multado y retirado por grúa. Aquellos residentes que no tengan estacionamientos disponibles fuera de las calles deben mover sus vehículos a una de estas áreas autorizadas de estacionamiento antes que comience la prohibición de estacionamiento:

  • Colt Park – Lote en Warwarme Street                 
  • Dillon Stadium – Lote en Curcombe Street     
  • Elizabeth Park – Asylum Street                  
  • Elizabeth Park – Prospect Avenue            
  • Goodwin Park – Hubbard Avenue            
  • Goodwin Park – Maple Ave. Campo de Golf                     
  • Keney Park – Woodland Street            
  • Keney Park – Ridgefield Street             
  • Pope Park –Lote en Park Terrace   
  • Lote en 2 Holcomb Street
  • Lote en 80 Coventry Street 
  • Lote en KDA Center – Naugatuck Street            
  • Todos los lotes de estacionamiento de las Escuelas Públicas del Distrito de Hartford; para ver una lista completa, visite y haga clic en “District.”

Los residentes deben sacar sus vehículos de los lotes de estacionamiento prontamente una vez termine la prohibición de estacionar. Aquellos residentes cuyos vehículos sean retirados por grúa deben contactar al Departamento de Policía de Hartford al (860) 757-4000. El costo para recuperar un vehículo retirado por grúa es $93.59. También se remitirá una multa de $99.00, que debe ser pagada por el dueño del vehículo antes de la fecha de vencimiento. Por favor, visite ver una lista de lotes de estacionamiento durante emergencias de nieve, y para más información sobre los vehículos retirados por grúa.




(February 5, 2016) Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin has declared a snow emergency parking ban for the City of Hartford, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, February 5, 2016 and ending at 9 a.m. on Saturday, February 6, 2016. All Hartford District Public School will parking lots will be available for parking.  However, cars must be moved by noon on Saturday.

“With heavy snow falling throughout the day and temperatures plummeting tonight, it’s critical that we allow our DPW team to clear the streets before we accumulate frozen material that’s difficult to plow," said Bronin. "This ban will allow us to plow curb to curb and get the streets cleared quickly.  I urge residents without off-street parking to move their vehicles to one of our district school lots once the parking ban goes into effect.”

During a snow emergency parking ban, all on-street parking is prohibited throughout the City of Hartford. Any vehicles not removed from City streets by the start of the parking ban will be ticketed and towed. Residents without access to off-street parking should move their vehicles to one of the following authorized parking areas before the start of the parking ban:

  • Colt Park – Warwarme Street Lot                  
  • Dillon Stadium – Curcombe Street Lot     
  • Elizabeth Park – Asylum Street                   
  • Elizabeth Park – Prospect Avenue             
  • Goodwin Park – Hubbard Avenue             
  • Goodwin Park – Maple Ave. Golf Course                     
  • Keney Park – Woodland Street             
  • Keney Park – Ridgefield Street              
  • Pope Park –Park Terrace Lot   
  • 2 Holcomb Street Lot
  • 80 Coventry Lot 
  • KDA Center Lot – Naugatuck Street             
  • All Hartford District School Parking Lots. For a complete list, and select “District.”

Residents should remove their vehicles from the lots promptly following the end of the parking ban. Residents whose vehicles are towed during the parking ban should contact the Hartford Police Department at (860) 757-4000. The cost for retrieving a towed vehicle is $93.59. An additional $99.00 ticket will be issued, which owners are responsible for paying before the answer date. Please visit for a list of snow emergency parking locations, and for information regarding towed vehicles. 



Winterfest 2015/2016; Mild Weather and An Enthusiastic Response to Hartford’s 6th Annual Winter Festival Filled with Free Skating and Return of Carousel Rides

(Feb. 4, 2016) During a winter of record-breaking warm weather, Winterfest 2015/2016 ensured that downtown Hartford was the place to be this season. Not even seventeen rainy days kept people from enjoying the free ice skating, skate rentals, and learn-to-skate programs at Hartford’s seasonal outdoor skating rink. This year, Winterfest Hartford hosted 45,015 skaters, provided 567 hours of free skating, and celebrated its 250,000th skater to glide across the ice. The sixth annual winter festival in Bushnell Park opened on November 22 to kick off the holiday season and continued for 63 days, closing on January 24, 2016.

This year’s Winterfest Hartford activities featured a new spin – the return of $1 carousel rides. After being closed for a year of renovations, the historic Bushnell Park Carousel reopened just in time for Winterfest. Winterfest traffic to the carousel increased by thirty-five percent when compared with festival visits before the renovation. This year, more than 14,800 Winterfest visitors enjoyed rides on the vintage wooden horses and enjoyed the warmth of the carousel pavilion, which is now heated and open year-round on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Once again, Winterfest’s holiday lights and music brightened the season for many local families. Proving the holiday spirit was alive and well, approximately 2,000 people visited Santa’s Workshop between November 22 and December 20 for free photos with Santa in the carousel pavilion. Approximately thirty-five percent of Santa’s visitors came from Hartford, but guests traveled from as far away as California, Puerto Rico and France to enjoy the holiday festivities.

“Winterfest is one of Hartford’s great cultural events and brings our region together,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, who joined residents in Bushnell Park for First Night celebrations after his inauguration on January 1, 2016. “It’s great to see people from all over Connecticut and New England joining Hartford residents for the Winterfest activities, along with all the other entertainment Hartford has to offer.” 

Fun special events filled the Winterfest schedule and included Opening Ceremonies, Hartford Wolf Pack Skate Night, HYPE (Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs) Night, BESB (Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind) Skate, Saturday Morning Learn-to-Skate Lessons, Skate with Sonar, First Night, and Bushnell Park's Fire and Ice Night. In addition, the I-84 Hartford Project and CREC Schools hosted a free day of Bushnell Park Carousel rides.

“It is heartwarming to see Winterfest become part of so many local families’ annual winter traditions,” said Winterfest Hartford Event Director Bob Crawford, a former Hartford Whaler and the owner of Champions Skating Center. “Whether it’s a child’s first visit to Santa, first ride on the carousel, or a first opportunity to learn to skate, we are glad to see so many people enjoying Winterfest and making life-long memories here in Hartford.”

Winterfest Hartford is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the City of Hartford, the iQuilt Partnership, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Travelers, United Technologies, The Hartford, UnitedHealth Care, LAZ Parking, Bank of America, Hartford Steam Boiler, Metropolitan District Commission, Reid & Riege, Robinson & Cole, SINA, and many individual donors. A total of $121,500 was raised to cover the costs of the rink’s operation this season.

The iQuilt Partnership works closely with the City of Hartford to produce Winterfest. The iQuilt Plan is a culture-based urban design plan for downtown Hartford. The iQuilt Plan links downtown Hartford’s historic and cultural assets and destinations with a vibrant and innovative pedestrian network. iQuilt’s centerpiece is the GreenWalk, a one-mile chain of parks and plazas connecting the gold-domed Capitol in Bushnell Park to the waterfront of the Connecticut River.



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