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Mayor Segarra Statement On President Obama’s Announcement Of 23 Executive Actions On Gun Violence

(January 16, 2013) – Mayor Segarra released the following statement today regarding President Obama’s announcement of 23 executive actions on gun violence.

“I applaud President Obama and Vice President Biden for their commitment to the issue of gun control and for responding quickly with common-sense solutions. The bottom line is there are practical, reasonable gun restrictions that would create an environment where incidents like Newtown are less likely to occur. The majority of Americans agree on that. Unfortunately, it took Newtown to get us here, but now that we are here, Congress needs to act swiftly and avoid the partisan bickering we've become accustomed to. While nothing can erase the pain of those who suffered unspeakable loss, doing nothing is not an option and certainly not worthy of the innocent lives that were lost. As Mayor of a Capital City, and a victim of gun violence, this issue — and public safety in general — has always been first and foremost for me. I urge Congress to listen to their constituents and pass the policies we all agree on to help keep our children safe. In the meantime, we’ll continue to do everything possible at the local and State level to confront this issue.”

Segarra will hold a Public Safety press conference in late-January to release year end crime rates and discuss local initiatives being implemented. An early member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Mayor Segarra plans to attend the conference tomorrow in Washington, D.C.


For Immediate Release: January 16, 2013
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