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(November 19, 2012) – Mayor Pedro E. Segarra today released the following statement on the impending “fiscal cliff” and the need for Congress to work with President Obama to prevent drastic across-the-board cuts to important services.


Right now the public is hearing phrases like the “fiscal cliff”, “federal sequestration” and “entitlement programs” to explain budgeting issues at the federal level. That doesn’t clarify for most people what exactly is at stake and sometimes Washington, D.C. seems like a far-away place. The bottom line, however, is that Congress is making decisions that will impact the day-to-day lives of many residents here in Hartford. Currently, what is on the table are across-the-board cuts in critical service programs like WIC, homelessness, the HOME Program, CDBG, HOPWA and HUD Section 8.  All told, 14 major programs in Hartford would be affected and anywhere from 5,000 to 7,500 Capital City residents will have their benefits slashed dramatically or cut entirely.  This is unconscionable and I urge Congress to work together and with President Obama and rise above rhetorical games. While I recognize the recent glimmers of hope that bi-partisan negotiation is possible, Congress still needs to act. There are people across Hartford, the State of Connecticut and the country who are depending on Congress to do the right thing.”


The City of Hartford calculates that they receive approximately $55.5 million dollars from various federal agencies to fund 14 public health, human services and housing programs that would be impacted by sequestration.  Of the approximate 93,000 residents that benefit from these programs, a 7.6% reduction would result in a $4.2 million dollar cut and impact 5,300 residents and an 8.2% reduction would result in a $4.5 million dollar cut and impact about 7,600 residents.


Complete breakdown attached.



For Immediate Release: November 19, 2012

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