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(September 13, 2012) – Over the next two days, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra will be participating in the Mayors’ Institute for City Design (MICD) in Charleston, South Carolina.  MICD is a leadership initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the American Architectural Foundation and the United States Conference of Mayors.  Hartford has participated in MICD several times in the last 20 years; most recently in 2002.

Led by MICD founder and 10-term Mayor Joseph Riley of Charleston,  Mayor Segarra will be joined by 8 other Mayors from Kansas City (MO), New Bedford (MA), Greensboro (NC), Knoxville (TN), Phoenix (AZ), Columbus (GA) and Irving (TX) and a skilled and experienced 8 member resource team that includes urban design and architectural experts, planners, and sustainable development specialists.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for the City of Hartford.  It has been 10 years since the last time we were on this stage, meeting with architectural and engineering experts, discussing planning and design opportunities and crafting a coherent plan to deal with a particularly challenging problem – in this case, nodal development along four separate and distinct areas of Albany Avenue,” said Mayor Segarra.  ““As we move forward in concert with the Metropolitan District Commission and other community stakeholders on the Albany Avenue streetscape, thinking more broadly about how we can work with established and new potential business owners to expedite the revival of this once thriving residential and commercial corridor.”

Thomas Deller, Director of Development Services, who previously attended an MICD session on behalf of former Mayor of Providence (RI), said, “Having experienced MICD first-hand, I can say without equivocation that Mayor Segarra’s participation is significant in that it puts Connecticut’s Capitol City on a national stage to discuss a very important design and planning issue.  When he returns, it’ll be my responsibility to take what he has learned, implement his vision and deliver real and lasting results for those that work and live on and around Albany Avenue.”

Mayor Segarra’s presentation, which can be viewed here on www.hartford.gov, focuses on four nodes along Albany Avenue, including:

  1. Public Safety at Albany Avenue and Main Street;
  2. Health at Albany Avenue and Bedford Street;
  3. Arts/Culture at Albany Avenue and Woodland Street; and
  4. Housing at Albany Avenue and Homestead, including Westbrook Village.


For Immediate Release: September 13, 2012

Contact: Maribel La Luz

p. 860-757-9731

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