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Mayor Segarra & City Officials Announce Cooling Center Hours for July 18, 2012

5 Locations Will Again Be Open at 9AM Tomorrow

(July 17, 2012) – With temperatures again expected to be in the 90's tomorrow, July 18, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra, in conjunction with Dr. Raul Pino, Dr. Jose-Colon Rivas and Fire Chief Edward Casares, Jr., has ordered the five cooling centers to open at 9:00AM.

The following cooling centers will close at 8:00PM:

• North End Senior Center, 80 Coventry Street
• South End Wellness Center, 830 Maple Avenue
• Parkville Senior Center, 11 New Park Avenue
• Hispanic Health Council, 175 Main Street
• Hispanic Senior Center, 45 Wadsworth Street

The four community pools will also be open from 9AM-8PM, with open swim from 1PM-5PM (height restrictions apply and all swimmers must have a proper bathing suit and towel):

• Colt Park Pool (36 inch height requirement)
• Goodwin Park Pool (50 inch height requirement)
• Keney Park Pool (36 inch height requirement)
• Pope Park Pool (36 inch height requirement)

The following spray pools will also be operational from 10:00AM till dusk:

• Forester Heights (Harvard Street)
• Goodwin Park (Maple Avenue/South Street)
• Keney Park (Woodland & Waverly Streets)
• Day Park (Orange/Arbor Street)
• Pope Park North (Putnam/Russ Streets)
• Sigourney Park (Sigourney Street)
• Delucco Playground (Brook/Bedford Streets)
• Lozada Playground (East Street/Seyms Streets)
• South End Park (Franklin Ave)
• Willie Ware Playground (Windsor Street)

Members of the Hartford Fire Department's Special Services Unit will continue to disseminate cold water to citizens at public transportation bus stops throughout Connecticut's Capital City during peak high temperature periods. An air quality alert will also be in effect for the Hartford area due to high levels of ozone in the air.

The Mayor again reminded residents and visitors to stay hydrated (while avoiding liquids that contain caffeine, alcohol or large amounts of sugar); avoid being out in the sun too long if it's at all possible; have the phone number of your family doctor clearly posted next to your phone (and stored in your cellular phone); and never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle.

Additionally, the Hartford Public Library is available for residents and visitors; below please find the hours of operation for the various branches:

• Main Street: 10:00AM to 8:00PM
• All Branches (except Barbour & Dwight): 12:30PM to 5:30PM
• Ropkins: 12:30PM to 7:30PM

HARTFORD CITY HALL ADDRESS: 550 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103 PHONE: (860)757-9311 HOURS: 8AM - 5PM