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HARTFORD, CONN (January 10, 2020) – Today Mayor Luke Bronin, City Council President Maly Rosado, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Governor Ned Lamont, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, City Council members, members of the Hartford delegation, and Hartford residents came together to express their support for the people of Puerto Rico following the series of earthquakes on the island this week.  Council President Rosado has organized a relief effort with the Connecticut Institute for Community Development-Puerto Rican Parade Committee (CICD) to raise funds that will go directly to families in need on the island, in coordination with the Lions Club of Puerto Rico and  the Mayor of Cayey, Puerto Rico, Rolando Ortiz.  Donations will be accepted by CICD at  Much of Puerto Rico remains without power, at least one person was killed, and reporting indicates this is the worst earthquake in more than a century.

“As a country, we need to step up and make sure Puerto Rico gets all the resources it needs quickly,” said Mayor Bronin.  “Puerto Rico is still recovering after hurricanes more than two years ago, and it is waiting on billions of dollars in federal funding as it now faces another rebuilding effort.  Right now, hundreds of thousands of people are without water and electricity, and we need to treat this as if it were happening at Trump Tower – because Puerto Ricans are Americans.  I want to thank our state and federal leaders, who are committed to supporting Puerto Rico in this time of need, as well as Council President Rosado and CICD, who are organizing this important relief effort at the local level.”

“As someone who was born in Puerto Rico, I feel a strong obligation to do everything I can to support everyone in need on our beloved island,” said Maly Rosado, City Council President.  “They are suffering, many are sleeping outside, and the fear is constant.  We are pulling together as a community to contribute to relief efforts and get funds directly to families, and I urge everyone to contribute whatever they can.  The people of Puerto Rico also need us to keep up pressure on the federal government to cut through the red tape and get them the resources necessary to get electricity and water up and running again.”

“I am proud to stand with Connecticut’s Puerto Rican community demanding full federal aid for fellow Americans struck again by natural disaster,” said United States Senator Richard Blumenthal.  “Still recovering from Maria, Puerto Rico should receive immediately the $18 billion withheld by the Trump Administration.”

“The situation in Puerto Rico is tragic,” said Governor Ned Lamont.  “I have been updated on the situation there and the Connecticut National Guard has been in active discussion with their counterparts on the island. The Guard and the state of Connecticut remain at the ready for any assistance that the people of Puerto Rico may need.”

“Once again, our hearts break for the people of Puerto Rico and Connecticut’s Puerto Rican community,” said Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz.  “It is amazing to see so many community-based relief efforts being organized to assist those affected by the earthquakes both on the island and here in Connecticut.”

“Families in Connecticut are always quick to support others in the wake of a natural disaster,” said Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull.  “Unfortunately, scammers often take advantage of that good nature.  That’s why we’re here to support the efforts of the public and private sectors as they put together ways for you to donate securely, and safely.  Remember, always make sure a charity is registered, do your research, never give in to pressure tactics, and get in touch with DCP if you need support, or have any questions.”



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