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HARTFORD, CONN (June 8, 2018) – This morning, Mayor Luke Bronin, members of the City Council and State delegation, Police Chief David Rosado, and Kim Oliver, Director of the Department of Families, Children, Youth, and Recreation (DFCYR), announced a series of new public safety initiatives and an expansion of summer recreation hours.  There will be three community meetings about these initiatives in the weeks ahead: one hosted by the Maple Avenue Revitalization Group at their meeting at 6 PM on Thursday, June 14th; one hosted by the Northeast Revitalization Zone at their meeting at 5:30 PM on Monday, June 18th, 2018; and one at Mayor Bronin’s town hall at 6 PM on Thursday, June 28th at the Samuel V. Arroyo Recreation Center.

The public safety initiatives will increase the number of Hartford police officers on patrol at all times, will provide greater presence in areas that have seen the highest incidence of violent crime, will allow for more proactive enforcement of narcotics and gun-related activity, and will bring additional investigative, prosecutorial and preventative resources to Hartford through the assistance of state and federal partners.

In addition, the expansion of summer recreation will provide opportunity for safe, fun, staff-supported activity every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night until 11pm throughout the summer.

“Over the last few weeks we’ve been developing plans to enhance public safety and expand recreational opportunities for young people, as we prepare for the start of summer,” said Mayor Bronin.  “We’re going to have more officers out every day this summer, with the greatest presence in those areas that have been hotspots for in recent weeks.  We’re also working closely with our state and federal partners, which will allow us to have dedicated prosecutors and additional investigative resources focused on those most violent individuals who are responsible for the vast majority of shootings in Hartford.  In addition, we continue to focus aggressively on recruiting new officers, with one class in the academy, one class scheduled to begin this summer, and another class for which were accepting applications right now.

“While we’re doing a lot to expand police presence and proactive enforcement, we also know public safety isn’t just about policing.  That’s why we’re expanding night hours at our recreation centers, and it’s also why my office has been working closely with youth service providers to identify young people in need of individualized engagement, intervention, and support, and we’re going to continue doing that. I want to thank the Hartford Police Department and our Department of Families, Children, Youth, and Recreation, and many local, state, and federal partners for their hard work and their commitment to doing everything we can to keep our streets safe and our neighborhoods strong.  I also want to thank the City Council for their partnership on public safety issues, as well as for their focus on summer recreation.”

“Given the spike in shootings in the city, it is important that residents know that Council leadership and the administration have been working together to develop a plan that provides targeted resources to mitigate future incidences, particularly in advance of the summer months,” said City Council President Glendowlyn L.H. Thames.

“I am 100% in support of all of the measures taken into consideration to ensure we can be proactive and ensure a safe summer for all of our city residents,” said City Councilman James Sanchez, Co-Chair of the Council’s Quality of Life and Public Safety Committee.  “We welcome the support from our community, and state and federal partnerships to ensure unified commitments are thriving for safety.  As for the recreation with extended hours for parks and recreation centers for our youth in the summer: it is imperative that we continue to support activities that keep our youth engaged in safe and wholesome activities to keep them off negative alternatives on the streets.  Together with community involvement we can enjoy all that summer has to offer.”

“As Co-Chair of the Public Safety Committee and a lifetime resident of our city, there’s nothing I take more seriously than public safety,” said City Councilman Thomas “TJ” Clarke II, Co-Chair of the Council's Quality of Life and Public Safety Committee.  “Over the last two and a half years, working with my colleagues, we have prioritized public safety – including resources for our police department and for recreation.  Earlier this week, I met with Council President Thames, Councilman Sanchez, the Mayor and Chief Rosado to discuss our plans for the summer, and the initiatives the Mayor and Chief Rosado are outlining today are important steps toward making neighborhoods safer.  We will continue to evaluate the right course of action and work with our community leaders and partners at the State and federal level in the coming weeks.  I am also glad that the steps we have taken as a Council to enhance recreation offerings are part of the initiatives we are announcing today. We are committed to making Hartford a safe place to work, play and live.”

Summer Recreation

·        Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night this summer, Parker Memorial Community Center and the Samuel V. Arroyo Recreation Center will be open from 4 PM – 11 PM with activities for boys and girls ages 13 – 24.  This extended programming begins Thursday, June 21st and ends Saturday, August 25th. 

·        The extended hours are in addition to the summer recreation hours already scheduled at Parker and Arroyo, and in addition to the summer meals program which will run at various locations in the city.

Federal and State Partnerships


·        The U.S. Attorney’s office has agreed to work with the Police Department to resurrect the Project Safe Neighborhoods initiative in Hartford.  This will include dedicating additional prosecutorial resources to Hartford, and it will focus those resources on our most violent individuals.  


·        The State Police, through the Bureau of Special Investigations, has committed to sending additional investigative resources to the Police Department’s Vice, Intelligence, and Narcotics (VIN) Division and the State’s Attorney’s office has committed to add prosecutorial resources for the VIN.  

Increased Presence of Hartford Police Officers in Targeted Areas

·        Effective earlier this week, Chief Rosado assigned two 2-man walk beats to some of the City’s most challenged areas, one in the North and one in the South.  Those teams will walk the beat from early evening until early in the morning. 


·        Effective today, Chief Rosado will be adding fourofficersto each shifton patrol.


·        Effective today, the HPD’s seventeen Community Service Officers will focus their work on areas that have seen an uptick in crime, and they will be on duty and visible in those hotspots from the evening until early in the morning.  CSOs are not being permanently reassigned, and they continue to be available as points of contact and liaisons for residents and stakeholders in their respective neighborhoods. 


·        Effective next week, the HPD VIN Division will be creating a Street Crime Unit consisting of eight officers and one sergeant who will be dedicated to firearms and narcotics crimes.  


·        Last month, Chief Rosado announced the creation of a Community Response Unit (CRU), consisting of one sergeant and four officers.  The CRU is dedicated to addressing quality of life concerns citywide.  


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