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HARTFORD, CONN (June 21, 2017) – Today, Mayor Luke Bronin joined representatives from the Bushnell Park Carousel and All Waste, Inc. to announce that All Waste has generously offered to donate $75,000 towards the operation of the carousel.  In the past, Hartford has contributed that amount for the carousel’s operation through its annual budget.


“At a time when Hartford has had to make dramatic spending cuts, I am enormously grateful that members of our community have stepped up time and again to fund events and activities that our residents value,” said Mayor Bronin.  “All Waste is a local company, with a longstanding commitment to our community, and I want to thank Russ Lallier and All Waste for this extremely generous contribution to the Bushnell Park Carousel.  Because of that commitment, thousands of children and families will be able to enjoy our beautiful, historic carousel all year.”


“The Bushnell Park Carousel has been operating in our city since 1974 and was originally crafted in 1914 in Brooklyn, New York.  The carousel is an integral piece of the fabric of our city and an amazing part of history which is ridden by thousands from in and around Hartford each year.  The carousel was brought to our great city by the Knox foundation which was run by Jack Dollard at the time – his vision for the horses was that they would symbolize Hartford’s restoration.  All Waste, Inc., being city-based, believes that vision is needed now more than ever and we are pleased to help keep this symbol of Hartford running,” said Russ Lallier, President of All Waste, Inc.


“Thank you to the City of Hartford for finding an angel for the Bushnell Park Carousel.  We are excited to learn that All Waste is going to sponsor the Carousel this year and help to keep her running for her 103rd year,” added Louise DeMars, Executive Director of the New England Carousel Museum, which manages the Bushnell Park Carousel.  “The Carousel is a jewel in Bushnell Park bringing joy to many children and adults.  We are grateful to Russ Lallier, President of All Waste and our new best friend, for providing the funding to keep the Carousel spinning.”


What is now known as the Bushnell Park Carousel began operating outside of Albany, New York in 1914.  It moved to the Meyers Lake Amusement Park in Canton, Ohio in the early 1940’s.  The carousel was brought to Hartford in 1974 and has been operating here since then.  It’s one of less than 200 antique operating carousels nationwide.  In 1999, the New England Carousel Museum began managing the Bushnell Park Carousel.


More information about the carousel, including operating hours, is available at:




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