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HARTFORD, CONN (June 3, 2017) –  At the direction of Mayor Luke Bronin, Hartford City Hall was lit green last night to signal Hartford's opposition to the federal government’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and to underline Hartford’s significant efforts in the area of climate change.  Earlier today, Governor Malloy added Connecticut to a coalition of states committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement.  
“The decision to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement is an unforgivable surrender of American leadership on one of the most important issues of our time,” said Mayor Bronin.  “In virtually every other country in the world, the debate is about how to confront climate change responsibly – not the absurd idea that it’s a ‘hoax’ created by China.  Not only do we have a moral responsibility to reduce carbon emissions, we should also be seizing the opportunity to build a robust green jobs economy by investing clean energy.”
The Mayor continued, saying, “I’m proud to join with cities and states around the country to commit to filling the void on environmental responsibility that this decision leaves.  In Hartford, we are on the path toward becoming a more sustainable city through the dedicated work of City employees, the business community, neighborhood leaders, and environmental activists through our Climate Stewardship Initiative.”  

Last year, Mayor Bronin and the Climate Stewardship Council initiated Hartford’s Climate Stewardship Initiative, an inclusive, community-wide effort that aims to improve quality of life through environmental stewardship, while advancing the economy, improving public health outcomes, and promoting social equity.  More about the Initiative is online at  Hartford has made significant progress in a variety of areas, including the area on which the Paris Climate Agreement focuses:  the reduction of greenhouse gases.  To that end, Hartford has retrofitted existing buildings with energy efficiency improvements, constructed a fuel cell microgrid in the Parkville neighborhood which will reduce carbon emissions by 40% in connected buildings, launched a 1-MW solar array atop the former landfill in North Meadows, and embarked on an ambitious conversion of all 8,400 street lights to LEDs (which will save $1.8 million in energy costs per year).  For its efforts in clean energy, the City was recognized as an inaugural Department of Energy “SolSmart” City and received an award in 2016 from the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.  In addition, the city’s new, award-winning zoning code, online at, promotes solar and wind energy, as well as electric vehicle charging stations and green roofs.  

The 30-member Climate Stewardship Council, which includes stakeholders from a cross-section of nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies, is in the process of finalizing a Climate Action Plan, which will chart the path towards further emissions reductions.  The City recently hired a 100% grant-funded Sustainability Coordinator to assist in those efforts.  





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