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HARTFORD, CONN (May 22, 2017) –  Today, Mayor Luke Bronin announced that any Hartford resident can now obtain a municipal identification card from the City.  Hartford City ID cards can be used to access all City services, and will be accepted as proof of identification by all City departments, including the Hartford Police Department.  All costs associated with the program will be paid for by the fee required to get a City ID.


“The Hartford City ID program ensures that every Hartford resident can access all City services and interact with their government, regardless of their immigration or housing status,” said Mayor Bronin. “But it’s about much more than accessing services.  It’s about making sure no one in our community feels as if they have to live in the shadows.  We will be a safer and stronger community when every resident knows they can be heard.  I’m glad we were able to get this long-needed program up and running, at no cost to the City, with the overwhelming support of the City Council and residents throughout Hartford.”


No documents used to establish identity and residency during the application process will be retained by either the City or the vendor issuing cards.  The vendor issuing cards will keep the name of the cardholder and the card number, but will not retain any other information on the card, including the photo, address, and date of birth.  The City of Hartford will protect the confidentiality of all City ID card applicants to the maximum extent allowable by applicable federal and State law, in accordance with local Municipal Code Article XXIL Sec 2-395


“We have built in strong protections so that no resident is exposed to greater legal risk if they choose to get a City ID,” added Mayor Bronin.


Mayor Bronin was joined at the press conference launching Hartford City ID by City Council President T.J. Clarke, State Representatives Angel Arce and Edwin Vargas, Hartford Public Library CEO Bridget Quinn-Carey, as well as representatives from SEIU 32BJ and Journey Home.


“Hartford Public Library is proud to partner with the City of Hartford in the launch of the Hartford City ID program, ensuring that all residents will have access to all City services,” said Bridget Quinn-Carey, CEO of Hartford Public Library.  “This program, along with the many valuable services and programs provided by HPL, provides people from all walks of life the resources with which to build successful futures.”


Mui Mui Hin-McCormick, co-chair of Hartford’s Commission on Refugee and Immigrant Affairs, was not able to attend the press conference but praised City ID, saying, “The Hartford Commission on Refugee and Immigrant Affairs (CRIA) thanks Mayor Bronin and his office for ensuring the implementation of the municipal ID program, which many residents have been waiting for since Mayor Segarra proposed the program in 2015.  The municipal ID program allows residents access to important benefits and services, provides employment, housing, and basic opportunities for residents to be productive members of the community.  CRIA supports the Mayor's efforts in making Hartford a welcoming and safe city for all of its diverse residents.  This program helps us work towards achieving that goal.” 


Hartford City ID is available to all City of Hartford residents who can establish identity and residency using documents described in City ordinance and will be valid for two years from the date of issuance.  The card costs $15 dollars for adults, and $10 dollars for children under 18 or seniors 65 and over; all costs will go towards operation of the City ID program. 


Information about the program and how to apply is available at  Residents can get Hartford City IDs at the downtown branch of the Hartford Public Library and by appointment at the Town and City Clerk’s office.  They must bring the required proof of identification and Hartford residency, as described on the website.  City ID cards will include a resident’s photo, name, date of birth, address, and the card’s expiration date. 


Please note that Hartford City ID cards do not authorize cardholders to drive, purchase alcohol or tobacco products, travel on an airplane, or assert immigration or work authorization status.  U.S. citizens can use City ID as proof of identity at a Hartford polling place.





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