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Hartford, Conn. (June 12, 2016)BACKGROUND: Early Sunday morning, a gunman killed 50 people and wounded 53 at a crowded nightclub in Orlando, making it the deadliest mass shooting in American history (Click here for more information: In response, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin made the following statement:

"We grieve today for all of the victims of the horrific attack in Orlando: for the dozens of innocents killed and wounded, for their loved ones and their families, for the LGBT community, for the City of Orlando and for our country. The City of Hartford extends our deepest condolences, our prayers, and our commitment to stand united in the face of terror.

"Almost exactly a year ago, crowds gathered joyfully in Hartford and around the country to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality. In the face of this terrorist attack targeting the LGBT community, we gathered together again tonight — in sadness, but with the same spirit of unity and love. Let us condemn the hatred that motivated this attack. Let us condemn the demagoguery that exploits this tragedy to divide us from our fellow Americans. And let us celebrate the aspiration for equality and freedom that makes our nation the target of those who subscribe to a twisted ideology. 

"Let us also rededicate ourselves to the effort to enact common-sense gun laws to protect innocent Americans from tragedies like this. There will always be viciousness in the world. There will always be violence. But the pain that can be inflicted by one sick individual, infected with so many vicious strains of hatred and armed with a legally-bought military-style assault weapon, is shocking and unacceptable. This latest tragedy should be a clear call to action.”


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