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Animal Control

HPD Animal Control Unit
Sergeant Winston G. Brooks, Supervisor
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City of Hartford Dog Adoption List 


How to adopt a dog from Hartford Animal Control:
cost to adopt a dog in Connecticut is $50.00, payable only by money order.  This fee includes funds that go to the State of Connecticut Overpopulation Control Voucher Program that provides funding for spaying , neutering, and vaccinations for abandoned dogs. 

All City of Hartford impounded dogs available for adoption are housed at the Simon Foundation located at 120 Rescue Lane, Bloomfield.

A scheduled appointment with an Animal Control Officer is encouraged prior to adoption and can be made by calling 860-757-4390.

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 It has come to our attention that there has been many concerns with the facebook page City of Hartford Animal Shelter.  Please note:

We care for and support the adoption of those animals in need within our animal population. Moreover, we embrace the energy, compassion and efforts of all of our ACO's. Let me be clear, we have had no "Policy Change" with our ACO's, as had been rumored.

We encourage the use of photographs in the adoption advertisements. We completely understand that obtaining and posting photographs of these animals is an incredibly powerful tool helping locate good homes. We do ask that while our ACO's are short staffed, people potentially adopting or facilitating an adoption continue to follow and respect our standard adoption process. For liability purposes, we must have an ACO present when one of our animals is adopted.

Clearly there may have been a communication breakdown that caused a misunderstanding. I encourage anyone with an issue to please feel free to contact me anytime. I hope that all those amazing volunteers involved in our adoption processes continue in these heroic efforts.

Genuine continued support, respectfully;

Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley

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