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Human Trafficking Arrest during Narcostics Operation

On September 27, 2015, information was provided to the Hartford Police Department Special Investigations Division (SID) from an outside agency concerning the possible kidnapping and human trafficking of an eighteen (18) year old girl from outside of Hartford.

In a joint meeting on 09/28/15, with three additional agencies whom have had prior dealing with the victim, it was established she might be in a specific area of the north end of Hartford.

On 09/29/15, detectives from the HPD Special Investigations Division conducted surveillance of a particular address and developed further information which validated the girl was in fact at this address. With the assistance of Hartford Police Department Patrol Division, Windsor Police Department and detectives from Special Investigations Division, the girl was located inside this address. At this point, no suspects were located.

After the rescue of this victim, an extensive interview was conducted by Special Investigations Division detectives. HPD Detectives (specially trained in Sex Asslt/Human Trafficking)  learned details of how the victim had been held against her will for almost a month. During this time she was trafficked sexually and physically abused repeatedly.

As a result of the ongoing investigation, two suspects were identified.

On December 28, 2015, after an extensive investigation, an arrest warrant for Dwayne “Crash” Hairston, 31, of Windsor CT, was obtained charging him with Trafficking In Persons 53a-192a, Kidnapping 1st Degree 53a-92, Promoting Prostitution 53a-86, Unlawful Restraint 53a-95 and Assault 2nd Degree 53a-60. A second suspect, Eric James “Nut” Williams, 25, of Hartford, was also identified and an arrest warrant charging him with Sexual Assault 1st Degree was also obtained by SID detectives.

On January 6, 2016, at 9:00 p.m. Detectives from the Hartford Police Department Vice and Narcotics units conducted an undercover operation in the area of 2620 Main Street.  HPD V&N Detectives were able to obtain credible information that several individuals were conducting illegal drug sales from a third floor (south) apartment of 2620 Main Street.

Additional information was also developed that two individuals with outstanding warrants for Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking (Hairston and Williams) were also at this location.  Surveillance was established at the location and HPD V&N Detectives were able to arrest several (drug) buyers leaving the location.

During the surveillance, HPD Detectives were able to identify and stop both individuals with the outstanding warrants without incident.  The Detectives then obtained a search and seizure warrant for the 3rd Floor South apartment of 2620 Main St. During the execution of this search warrant, HPD Detectives located narcotics, packaging material, and counterfeit money. Two children, ages 8 and 10 were present during the execution of the search warrant; a notification to DCF was made by HPD Detectives. 

Investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are a possibility.


28 bags of crack cocaine (one ounce)
27 bags of heroin
13 bags of marijuana
$89.00 dollars of UPS currency
$150.00 dollars of counterfeit money

Arrested: Dwayne Hairston, 31, of Windsor, CT (Arrested for outstanding warrant)
Windsor charges:
Kidnapping 1st degree
Promoting Prostitution
Unlawful Restraint 1st
Assault 2nd

Windsor charges:
Possession of Narcotics
Possession of Narcotics With Intent to Sell
Possession of a Controlled Substance

Arrested: Eric Williams, 25, of Hartford, CT (Also arrested for outstanding child support warrant)
Sexual Assault 1st

Arrested: Troy West, 43, of Hartford, CT
Possession of Narcotics
Possession of Narcotics With Intent to Sell
Criminal Trespass 3rd

Arrested: Jeri Collins, 34, of Hartford, CT
Criminal Trespass 3rd

Arrested: Joshua Janton, 34, of Manchester, CT
Possession of Narcotics
Criminal Trespass 2nd
Interfering with Police
Operating a Motor Vehicle Without a License

Arrested: Travis Kelly, 39, of Manchester, CT (2 outstanding warrants) (Absconder from CT Parole and Larceny 6th out of Manchester)
Possession of Narcotics
Possession of a Controlled Substance

Arrested: Jerome Greene, 30, of Hartford, CT
Possession of Narcotics
Possession of Narcotics With Intent to Sell
Destruction of Evidence 
Risk of Injury to Minor 2Cts

Arrested: Michelle Lopez, 31, of Hartford, CT
Charges: (outstanding warrant out of Wethersfield)
Failure to Appear 2nd on MV Charges

Arrested: Juvenile from Hartford, CT
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Possession of Controlled Substance With Intent to Sell

Human Trafficing Arrest

Human Trafficing Arrest II

Human Trafficing Arrest III

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