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Arrest at the Corner Grinder

On October 4, 2015, at 10:18pm, a Hartford Police Department Patrol Officer was patrolling the area near the Corner Grinder Shop (200 Franklin Ave.) due to recent burglaries. The HPD Patrol Officer observed a male walking away from the rear of the restaurant dressed in all black, with a hood pulled tightly around his face and unsuccessfully attempting to conceal a large pair of bolt cutters. The restaurant was darkened and closed. The Patrol Officer watched as the suspect continued towards a nearby construction site. During the investigation, Officers approached the suspect. The suspect was in possession of nine dollars in rolled coins, a cash register key and a Boar's Head pencil. The bolt cutters were found tossed in the grass near the suspect. Further investigation revealed that an alarm had been activated at Corner Grinder. At the restaurant, a rear door was found open and the bars on a rear window were forced apart indicating an active break-in. Restaurant management were called and arrived to provided an inventory of the missing items. The items reported missing by restaurant management matched the items found with the suspect. The suspect was also identified as a former employee. HPD South District Burglary detectives will follow up the investigation.

Accused: Torres-Fernandez, Carlos - 5/15/67 - 77 Franklin Ave., Hartford, CT
1. Burglary 3rd (53a-103)
2. Possession of Burglary Tools (53a-107)
3. Larceny 6th (53a-125b)
4. Criminal Mischief 2nd (53a-116)

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