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Narcotics Operation

On December 1, 2014, detectives from the Hartford Police Department's Vice and Narcotics Unit, with assistance from HPD North Condition Officers, conducted an undercover narcotic operation in the 300 block of Garden Street. This operation was conducted in response to numerous citizen complaints regarding street level narcotic sales as well as the two recent homicides in the area. Undercover detectives conducted surveillance in the area and were able to identify prospective buyers and sellers of narcotics. A total of (9) parties were arrested and charged various narcotics charges. Detectives were able to locate and recover narcotics and packaging material from 399 Garden Street apt 4. All parties were debriefed by Narcotics Detectives. Arrests Below:

Johnny Baker DOB 12-11-58 LKA 22 Atwood Street, Htfd CHARGES: Possession of Narcotics

Joseph Trapp DOB 4-8-53 LKA 60 Niles Street, Htfd CHARGES: Possession of Narcotics

Dwayne Eldridge DOB 10-21-68 LKA 402 Garden Street, Htfd CHARGES: Possession of Narcotics

Phillip Andrews DOB 4-25-49 LKA 34 Huyshope Street, Htfd CHARGES: Possession of Narcotics

Anthony Montanez DOB 3-9-77 LKA 357 Garden Street, Htfd CHARGES: outstanding prawn warrant

Danny Goncalves DOB 11-27-92 LKA 159 Eagle Dr, Newington CHARGES; Possession of Narcotics

Anthony Peirano DOB 7-24-58 LKA 117 Enfield Street, Htfd CHARGES; Possession of Narcotics

Pedro Gil DOB 11-10-86 LKA 279 Garden Street, Htfd CHARGES: possession with intent to sell narcotics,
possession with intent to sell narcotics within 1500 school, possession narcotics

Malcolm Harris DOB 8-26-92 LKA 399 Garden Street Htfd CHARGES: Engaging police in pursuit, reckless
driving, operating unregistered M/V, improper use of registration, possession narcotics (2cts), drug factory,
possession with intent to sell narcotics (2cts), possession with intent to sell narcotics within 1500 school,
operating under suspension, interfering with police

Evidence: 288 bags of heroin
Evidence: 45 grams of pure heroin estimated street value of $4500.00, 2 grams of crack cocaine
Evidence: $581.00 U.S currency
Evidence; packaging material, empty 380 magazine

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