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Auto Theft Prevention Program

Consistent with national trends, Hartford is seeing a large number of Honda and Toyota thefts. In an attempt to prevent many of these thefts and partner with our community, the department will be launching an Auto Theft Prevention Program.

Registered owners of the most vulnerable vehicles have been identified through the tax roll and will be receiving a letter inviting them to participate in the program.  The letter will instruct the recipient to contact a police supervisor assigned to the area that they live to obtain “the Club” if they so desire.

The sergeants will be required to confirm residency, issue “the club”, and record the transaction in the Auto Theft Prevention Program records. 

Example of letters being sent out: 

Dear Grand List Owner:

Recently we have noticed a nationwide increase in automobile theft. When we reviewed our local statistics, we found that this is also consistent within our city. These same statistics offered by the 2011 National Insurance Crime Bureau Auto Theft Study indicates that certain vehicles have a greater appeal to thieves and are therefore more likely to be stolen.

The reason you are receiving this letter is that according to the City of Hartford Grand List, you are listed as the owner of a vehicle that is classified as a higher risk. As part of our proactive approach to reduce crime and auto theft, we are offering the opportunity for the owners of vehicles that are considered statistically higher risk to receive “The Club” for their vehicle free of charge. “The Club” is a device that locks over your steering wheel to immobilize it. Owners who use a steering wheel lock like “The Club” are four times less likely to be a victim of auto theft.

The Hartford Police Department and I hope that you take advantage of this great prevention program. Please contact your District Community Service Sergeant (see attached list) to receive “the Club” free of charge for the above listed vehicle. You will need to show proof of residency when you pick up “The Club”. There are a limited number of clubs for distribution so they will be given on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them with your District Community Service Sergeant.


James C. Rovella

Chief of Police

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