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Planning & Zoning Office Hours:

Planning Division staff is available for inquiries and application submittals between 8:30am-12:30pm. Payments must be made in person and cannot be accepted after 12:30pm. Please submit a Planning Inquiry Form for any questions or requests after 12:30pm. Additional hours by appointment only.




Zoning is the system of controlling the use of land and regulating the types of structures built in the city. This is done by assigning all property in the city to a "zoning district." Each district allows certain uses and has specific development requirements.

The regulating of how land is used is done in order to protect our citizens' public health, safety, and welfare and to help the city achieve its community development goals.

Hartford's zoning is fairly unique in that it is considered a "form-based code," which means we place a greater emphasis on the form or overall shape of a building and in many other ways allow for greater flexibility in the use of land.

See links above for Zoning Regulations (Adopted 1-12-16) with Text Amendments (Adopted 3-22 and 6-28-16) as well as the Zoning Map (Revised 7-12-16).



All permit applications and fees must be submitted in person to the Planning Division at 250 Constitution Plaza, 4th Floor between the hours of 8:30am-12:30pm. Payments are not accepted after 12:30pm. Fees vary based on application, please check our Fee Schedule for more information.

We acept cash or checks/money orders made out to the "City of Hartford." We currently do not offer online submission or payments and are unable to accept credit cards at this time.

General Planning & Zoning Application - This form is required for most submittals, simply check off the corresponding box (please fill out separate applications for each action). With this application you can apply for the following:

Zoning Permit - required for changes in use or site improvements that do not require any other zoning reviews or a building permit (examples: changing a business from a bookstore to a tax office, or adding a garage to the property that is less than 200 square feet), $110

Site Plan - required for projects triggering review per section 1.3.3 and as otherwsie required per the Zoning Regulations, $110 residential addition, $135 residential new construction, $310 commercial

Special Permit - required for any use designated as requiring a special permit or otherwise triggerd by any use-specific condition(s) per the Zoning Regulations, $560

Historic Review - required for any exterior work on a historically protected property that is visible from the public right-of-way, $25 for administrative or commission review (see Historic Preservation for more information)

Zoning Variance - required for any request to vary the regulations in order to develop a property or operate a use that is otherwise not permitted, $260 (also requires a public hearing, notice to abutting property owners within 300' feet, and sign posted on property)

Zoning Appeal - required to appeal either an official ruling of the Zoning Administrator or a decision by the Planning & Zoning Commission, $100 aggrieved party, $260 original applicant

Approval of Location - required for any auto business seeking a limited, general, use or new dealership license from the State of Connecticut, $200

Liquor Permit - required for any liquor permit application requiring zoning signatures per the State of Connecticut including but not limited to temporary permits, restaurant liquor, grocery beer, package stores, patios and extensions of use, etc., $50 temporary, $200 all other

Subdivision/ Lot Line Revision/ Lot Combination - required for any proposal requesting a change in configuration of existing parcels, see below for more information

Certificate of Planning Compliance - This form is required after any site plan approval process after the work has been completed and prior to requesting a Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Department. (No fee for initial visit, $100 for each subsequent visit required to ensure compliance with approvals)

Planning Inquiry Form - This form is required for inquiries after 12:30pm and may be used to drop off or email a question for the Planning Division. Note: We try to handle most inquiries immediately during your visit but some inquiries may take additional time and research. (No fee)

Zoning Verification Letter Request - This form is required in order to request a formal Zoning Verification Letter that will involve staff research into the zoning district of a property and/or opine on the permitted nature of a specific use(s). Please see the form for additional information. (No fee)

Wetlands Permit - This form is required for all regulated activities in wetlands or watercourses per section 4.3 of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations. See below for more information. ($160; $260 if the regulated activity is of "significant impact" and requires a public hearing)

Map Amendment Application - This form is required in order to request a zoning district and/or overlay change to the Zoning Map. ($560)

Text Amendment Application - This form is required in order to request a text change to the Zoning Regulations. ($560)

Site Bond Form - This form may be required in order to receive a Certificate of Planning Compliance in advance of all site work being completed per approved plans. (Fee is based on estimated cost of materials and labor to complete the work, plus an additional 20% contingency)

Site Bond Release Form - This form is required to release the bond being held by the City once all work has been completed. Bond releases require work to be verified by the city and bonds for amounts greater than $25,000 can only be released by the Planning & Zoning Commission. (No fee for initial visit, $50 for second visit, $100 for each subsequent visit required to ensure compliance with approvals)



Changes to the configuration of parcels falls into one of three categories: 1) subdivision - creating more lots than currently exist, 2) lot line revisions - the parcels exist but the boundaries of the lot(s) are being modified, and 3) lot combinations - two or more lots are being combined into fewer lots than currently exist. 

Changes to lot configurations are regulated to ensure that the lots created are buildable lots that can be developed in accordance with the Zoning Regulations, that reconfiguration does not create new or increase existing non conformities, and that public health, safety and welfare i snot negatively affected.

Generally speaking, many of these processes can be administratively approved, except subdivision applications requesting the creation of three or more lots requires a public hearing a review before the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Subdivision Regulations



Wetlands area areas of land, including submerged land, that include any of the soil types designated as poorly drained, very poorly drained, alluvial and floodplain. Watercourses include rivers, streams, brooks, waterways, ponds, marshes and all other bodies of water, natural or artificial, also including intermittent watercourses.  

Activites in these areas are regulated by the Inland Wetland & Watercourses Regulations. Certain uses on in these areas is permitted as of right or are considered nonregulated uses, however other uses are considered a regulated activity and will require a permit. Regulated activities that involve a "significant impact" will require a public hearing before the Inland Wetland & Watercourses Commission.

Inland Wetland & Watercourses Regulations

Inland Wetland & Watercourses Application



Property Viewer - an interactive map where you can search by address or parcel number to view your property (aerial and "streets" view available)

Property Card - search by address or parcel number for general property information including zoning district, lot size, basic building size, and more

Building and Veranda Line Viewer - click on the Tax Map Grid for your property and see the building and veranda (porch) line information. This information is necessary to figure out required building placement.

Scanned Document Viewer - want to find out if your property has a Certificate of Occupany or view original building permits? Search through scanned documents for COs and various building permits (ongoing project, not yet complete)



In January 2016, the City of Hartford adopted new zoning regulations and a new zoning map, including all new zoning districts and new district boundaries. We have left the prior regulations and map available for reference only but please know that all new applications, including amendments to prior approvals, are subject to the new regulations.

Prior Zoning Regulations

Prior Zoning Map


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