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Program Specifications


1.1 The purpose of the Façade Program is to improve the appearance and image of commercial corridors through the rehabilitation of facades along these streets. Buildings selected for improvement must be located within certain target areas of the designated streets.

The Facade Program will rehabilitate commercial facades in an effort to improve the economic climate and the appearance of Hartford’s neighborhood commercial areas. Architects design attractive, energy efficient improvements with the approval of the property owners.


Facade loans may be used for improvements to that portion of the facade of an eligible property which is associated with the retail or commercial use, and improvements to common areas which are an integral part of the commercial facade. Treatments may include restoration, rehabilitation or construction of a compatible new storefront. Improvements to the roof or interior of a property are not eligible improvements.


Only those General or Home Improvement Contractors selected as a result of their 
response to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be allowed to act as the General or
Home Improvement Contractor for any facade improvements in the program areas that 
are funded, in part, through the Facade Improvement Program.

The Contractor will enter into a two (2) party contract with the property owner. The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary building permits and will supply all labor, material and subcontractors to complete the project. 


4.1 Application Deadline 
All responses to this RFQ must be returned by (MM/DD/YY).  Three (3) copies shall be submitted to:
Kenneth C. Anderson
Planning Division
Development Services Department
City of Hartford
250 Constitution Plaza, 4th Floor
Hartford, Connecticut 06103  

4.2 Submission Detail

4.2.1 Cover Letter and Application

Each submittal must contain a completed “Contractor Prequalification” application and a cover letter with a statement that the prospective General or Home Improvement Contractor accepts any terms and conditions contained in this RFQ.
4.2.2 Staff Plan

Each application must include an identification of your work force who will be working on the project and their particular area of work skill, e.g. carpentry, painting, etc. Also, list the names of suppliers and subcontractors that may work on the individual projects. Please note that the City requires that good faith efforts be used to employ Hartford based suppliers and requires you to hire at least 15% Hartford certified minority subcontractors.
4.2.3 Experience with Similar Projects

Each application must include a listing of projects of a similar nature with which the firm(s) have had experience. In addition, it must include a description of related experience and licenses that your employees may possess.

4.2.4 References

Include a listing of clients for whom similar projects were or are being completed. References should be detailed sufficiently to allow the City to contact present and/or former clients (Application attached).

4.2.5 Management Approach

Each submission must provide a detailed description of the method by which the projects will be managed. Given the size of your workforce and subcontractors, indicate how many jobs may simultaneously be in progress at any given time. Also indicate as the General or Home Improvement Contractor, if you will be at the job site daily.

4.3 Selection Procedure

The Contractor Prequalification Review Committee shall review the submissions of each General or Home Improvement Contractor. 

4.4 Selection Criteria
Contractors will be prequalified based on the degree to which their qualifications meet the following criteria:

  • Understanding of the program’s purpose and scope as evidenced by the quality of the submission.  

  • Specific background and relevant experience of the individuals who will be assigned to this project.

  • Background and experience of the contracting company as demonstrated by projects of a similar nature.

  • Evidence of a capacity to simultaneously carry out more than one project of the nature of those included in this program.

  • Demonstrated effectiveness of the construction management system that will result in a timely start and timely completion of all tasks and in a quality product.

  • Financial ability to carry out the projects as exhibited by submitting a copy of your most current business Tax Return. Also, a copy of a credit report or a listing of three suppliers including their name and telephone number.

  • The required Contractor’s License as specified in Section 7.0 of this document (Page 3).

  • Ability to satisfy the minority participation requirement (15%).

  • Contractor Insurance as specified in Section 8.0 of this document (Page 3 - 4).


All work must be approved by the Property Owner, City, Contractor, and Architect prior to payment. Progress payments will be allowed, however, there will be no payments “Up Front” prior to construction. Payments are made for work that is “in-place”, inspected and approved. No payments are made for stored materials.


Most projects must comply with the Davis-Bacon Wage Scales commercial rates (prevailing wages). 
The General or Home Improvement Contractor must submit a copy of his/her General Contractor or Home Improvement license issued by the State of Connecticut.
The Contractor must submit a copy of their Certificate of Insurance showing coverage for Liability and Worker’s Compensation.

The Contractor shall carry full and complete Worker’s Compensation insurance for all of this employees and those of his subcontractors engaged in work on the contract premises, in accordance with the laws of Connecticut. 

In addition, the Contractor shall carry in an amount not less than $300,000 combined single limit Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, including all of the following special coverage's: Broad form property Damage, Bodily Injury, Premises-Operations, Products Completed Operations Hazard and Contractual Liability. The Contractor shall also carry Automobile Liability Insurance in an amount not less than $300,000 combined single limit to cover the use of owned, non-owned and hired vehicles. All liability insurance shall list the City of Hartford as an additional insured. The Contractor must provide to the City of Hartford, a thirty (30) day notice of cancellation of the insurance coverage.


Each Contractor must register their company name with the City and Town Clerk’s Office and submit proof to the Façade Program Manager.


Each Contractor will complete the attached “Tax Verification” form and return it to this office.


To: All Prospective General or Home Improvement Contractors

The City of Hartford intends to prequalify General or Home Improvement Contractors who have experience in making facade improvements and repairs to commercial or retail store fronts, and renovations to common areas which are an integral part of the commercial facade.


Selection of General Contractors

Only those Contractors prequalified through this process will be allowed to act as the General or Home Improvement Contractor for facade improvements in the program areas that are financed, in part, through the Facade Improvement Program.

Each prequalified Contractor will be allowed to participate in competitive bidding for the individual projects.

This Request for Qualifications includes specific submission requirements. Your submission must include all requirements. Any questions should be directed to:

Kenneth C. Anderson
City of Hartford
Planning Division
Development Services Department
250 Constitution Plaza
Hartford, Connecticut 06103
(860) 757-9041

We appreciate your interest in this program and look forward to your submission.


Roger J. O'Brien, PhD.

Director of Planning



Contractor Prequalification

Release Of Supplier Information

Certificate Of Adoption Of Trade Name

Facade Improvement Tax Payment Verification



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