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The Façade Improvement Program, administered by the Economic Development Division of the Development Services Department, is the City of Hartford’s primary commercial renovation program. The goal of the program is to improve the storefronts of businesses on various neighborhood commercial streets and provide the impetus for further investment on these thoroughfares.

Property owners and the City of Hartford, work together to improve the appearance of existing businesses. Façade improvement adds to the beautification of the neighborhood, and may even increase patronage.

Approximately 200 buildings have undergone façade improvements, making a remarkable visual impact upon the streets where they are located. This has involved over two dozen contractors, many of which are Hartford-based and minority. They have employed numerous sub-contractors, employing approximately 400 workers.

Previous Projects

How The Program Works

Under agreement with the City of Hartford, property owners assume 35% of the architectural and construction costs and must submit a Certified Bank check at time of closing. The City of Hartford assumes the balance of the architectural and construction costs, which is 65%. Pertaining to the city's portion of costs (i.e., 65%), property owners are given a ten-year loan to make exterior façade improvements to their buildings. These loans are forgiven at the rate of 10 percent per year. The loan becomes a grant if the owner remains in the property for the entire ten-year period. Architectural services are provided by the City, however, the owner must pay for this service in advance. This architectural fee payment will then be applied to the owners 35% share at the time of the closing. By utilizing the City architect this will ensure that the façade improvements are functional and compatible with surrounding structures.

Eligible Rehabilitation Activities

The types of activities which are done include the following:

  • Minor Masonry Work
  • Storefront and Doors
  • Awning - Metal or Fabric
  • Masonry Pointing
  • Painting
  • Windows
  • Signage
  • Lighting
  • Power Washing

For more information please contact:

Don Chapman, Director of Community and Small Business Development
City of Hartford Development Services Department
250 Constitution Plaza, 4th Floor
Hartford, Connecticut 06103-1882
(860) 757-9048

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