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Small Parks and Parkette

Bond Street Parkette .40 acres

The Bond Street Parkette became a public park on June 13, 1899. Its origin and original design are not known. The existing conditions are the remnants of the plan titled Proposed Bond Street "Parkette" that was generated by the Parks and Recreation Department, dated September 1963.


Forster Heights 2.80 acres

Forster Heights Playground was acquired on July 1st, 1954. Following a Court of Common Council Resolution on June 13, 1960 construction was initiated. The playground opened July 25, 1962.


Rice Heights 4.07 acres

A resolution by the Court of Common Council to negotiate for, condemn and acquire this property was passed on March 27, 1961. It was designated for playground use, adjacent to a public housing project, by the Housing Authority.


Sigourney Square Park 2.85 acres

Sigourney Square was originally part of the old Town Farm area, a forgotten burial ground of forty-nine smallpox victims buried in 1872. In 1872 the City extended the street north beyond Ashley to Sargeant and named it Sigourney Street commemorating Lydia Sigourney of Hartford, "America's first professional woman author". The parkland was established December 9, 1895 for purposes of a park and was named, Sigourney Square. It is a square block that was conceived with a simple "X" walk pattern connecting its four corners. Music concerts began in 1898 and were held annually. Sigourney Square was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district on January 16, 1979. The district boundaries were increased to include 216-232 Garden Street on December 21, 1983.


Pulaski Mall 1.20 acres

The Pulaski Mall site was acquired in the late 1960s for a public housing project. Its original name was the Sheldon Oak Mall on project drawings that date from the 1970s, for which an aerial sketch is shown. This entire landscape is relatively recent, with initial construction dating to the 1970s. The new playscape is most recent improvement and dates from 1989.

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