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Interactive Mapping

Up to date GIS data is available via the internet. We have created various interactive websites to provide up to date GIS data accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. These websites give the user an interactive mapping experience that will allow them to search, view and print data. These websites use HTML5 technology and will open on desktop, tablet or a mobile phone.

Available Websites

Please Note:
Do not block pop ups.

If you have a popup blocker enabled you will have to disable it for these interactive mapping sites in order to use their functionality.

Property Information Viewer - The Property Information Viewer lets the user navigate the City by Searching for Parcel Number, Owner Name or Address.  Data Layers include parcels, buildings, pavement, drives and walks as well as Pictometry Aerial Photography.  Custom maps can be made and printed.  Owner information is updated nightly.

Abutters List Viewer - The Abutters List Viewer lets the user navigate to a property and create an abutters search for a user defined buffer distance in feet.

Inspector Viewer - The Inspector Viewer lets the user search on an address and obtain the various inspectors responsible for the property and their contact information.  Inspectors include: Health Nuisance Inspector, Health Sanitarian, Fire Marshall, Housing Code Inspector, Police Community Service Officer, and Building Inspector.

Hartford Parks Website - The Hartford Parks website shows the different facilities available for recreational activities.

Scanned Document Viewer - This viewer allows the user to view scanned maps, building permits, specs and other documents available in the Development Services Department.  The user can search by address or interactively on a map. The project is on-going and will be completed in 2017, more documents are added on a monthly basis.

Building Permit Viewer - This viewer gives the user access to scanned building permits.

FEMA Map Panel Index Viewer - The FEMA Map Panel Index allows users to open the FEMA Flood Map for the flood map panels that cover the City of Hartford.

Tax Map Viewer - This viewer allows a user to view and download tax maps.

Building and Veranda Line Map Viewer - This viewer allows the user to select a tax map and download a PDF file which includes the Building and Veranda Lines as well as street acceptance and ROW information.


Questions or Comments?
Please contact Brett Flodine, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (860)757-9444

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