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Youth Service Corps

Youth Service Corps

Youth Service Corps Youth Service Corps Youth Service Corps


In response to Hartford’s youth unemployment crisis, Mayor Bronin pledged during the first year of his new administration to partner with community stakeholders in connecting Hartford’s young people to part-time, yearlong employment.

Since its launch in July 2016, The Mayor's Youth Service Corps (YSC) has provided 750 Hartford youth with an opportunity to earn a paycheck while strengthening neighborhoods. 

YSC members are provided yearlong, part-time employment with flexible scheduling. In addition, they are partnered with a Youth Development Specialist who works with them throughout the Year to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

YSC members engage in community service-based projects designed to visibly impact Hartford neighborhoods. Projects address unmet needs in the city, such as blight remediation, home repair, and environmental stewardship. By completing these projects, Youth Service Corps Members will restore and protect Hartford's natural, cultural, and historic resources and build safer, stronger neighborhoods. 

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Program Details

Youth Service Corps, funded entirely by private donations, will be led by the City of Hartford’s Department of Families, Children, Youth, and Recreation.

Our Piece of the Pie (OPP) will serve as the implementation partner, providing full-time staff to develop and implement projects and manage Youth Service Corps Member teams. OPP will provide Members with mentorship, assistance in building life skills, and support and employment services. 

The City and OPP will work to ensure that Youth Service Corps boosts access to economic opportunity by serving as an on-ramp to workforce development programming, career-level professional placements, and permanent employment.

Contact Information

If you are interested in hearing more about Youth Service Corps or expressing interest in Membership, please contact Chanel Wright at OPP:
Chanel Wright
Office:  860-761-7345
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Piece of the Pie®, Inc. (OPP®)
20-28 Sargeant Street, Hartford CT 06105
Phone: (860) 761-7300
Fax: 860-760-6117

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