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About the Budget

The City of Hartford's fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th. The annual General Fund budget is an estimated fiscal plan, which presents the programs and services to be provided by the City to the community. Following the governing rules of the Hartford City Charter, the budget presents City services and activites needed to carry out those policies, and the resources provided to deliver services and accomplish the respective activites of each department. The City's budget illustrates the sources of revenue, such as local property taxes and state intergovernmental funding. The City's budget also shows how the revenues are allocated to meet expenditures, such as education, public safety, libraries, public works and other critical services.

The budget provides presentations of governmental policy, especially the implementation of policy changes. The Mayor's Strategic Plan, in particular, identifies the City's major goals and objectives and the intended means of achieving them. The budget is created and implemented using a set process as follows:

    • Departmental budget projections for the ensuing fiscal year are received from Department Heads from December through February.

    • A "People's Budget" event is typically held in March.  This event includes an educational presentation by City staff to the community on the budget, followed by hands-on workshop where community stakeholders gain a greater understanding of the budget by actually working to balance the budget.

    • By the third Monday in April, the Mayor must submit to the City Council (Council) a recommended operating budget for the fiscal year commencing the following July 1st.  The operating budget includes proposed expenditures and means of financing them.

    • Through direction of the Mayor and the Council, open meetings and public hearings are held to obtain residents' and taxpayers' comments on the recommended budget.

    • The Council modifies the budget by resolution (except revenues, debt service, and pension requirements), and then submits the budget as amended to the Mayor for certification.

    • The Mayor may approve, reduce, and/or disapprove the Council's budget modifications (resolutions) within 48 hours.

    • Upon action by the Mayor, Council has until May 31 to adopt the budget, the Appropriation Ordinance, the Tax Levy Ordinance, the Capital Improvement Plan Ordinance and any ordinances that may relate to adopting the budget. If it fails to adopt the budget by that date, the budget as adopted in the preceding fiscal year, as adjusted by the amount necessary to meet the funding requirement of the Pension Commission and legally and contractually required increases, as certified by the Finance Director, shall be deemed to be the budget of the City for the ensuing fiscal year and expenditures shall be made in accordance therewith. The Council shall thereupon adopt the appropriation ordinance and ordinance making a tax levy in accordance with the budget adopted. .
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