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What is the process when an audit is performed?

The most successful audit projects are those in which the unit being audited and the Internal Audit Department have a constructive working relationship. Our objective is to have your continuing involvement as well as communication at every stage, so that you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. Every audit project is unique. However, there are similarities in the process auditors use. In most audits, the process consists of the following stages:

  1. Obtain an understanding of the area under audit by reviewing:
    • Policy
    • Administrative Regulations
    • Other authoritative sources
  2. Develop an internal control analysis/questionnaire based on review of the above and/or administration's assertion.
  3. Develop fieldwork activities.
    • Request specific information from auditee.
    • Interview appropriate staff.
    • Test selected data.
    • Verify information.
    • Verify procedures.
    • Verify compliance.
    • Perform exit interview with auditee.
  4. Provide preliminary draft report/status report to auditee.
  5. Submit final report to the City Manager and City Council
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