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Federal Healthy Start

In addition to the CT Healthy Start program, we also have the Hartford Healthy Start program. The mission of this program is to address health disparities in low birth-weight and infant mortality in Hartford, CT. The objectives of this program are to:

  • increase the number of low-income pregnant women in Hartford who enter prenatal care services;
  • increase inter-conception care among low-income women;
  • increase the number of low-income women who are screened for perinatal depression during the prenatal and postpartum periods;
  • increase the number of low-income women and children up to two years of age who have a medical home.

This program is funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services/ State of CT Department of Public Health and site partners include Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Charter Oak Health Center, Community Health Services, Inc., Hispanic Health Council, Real Dads Forever program led by Doug Edwards.

At the City of Hartford Health and Human Services Department, the Hartford Healthy Start program offers a community-based coordinator whose provides a home visit during the pre-natal period and one shortly after a mother delivers her child. The community-based coordinator provides risk assessments, develops care plans, makes referrals to other programs as needed and conducts treatment follow-up. In addition to the 2 home visits, the community-based coordinator provides bi-monthly phone calls and monthly office or home visits depending on the nature of the case.

The program also maintains a clinic-based coordinator deployed at Hartford Hospital in the local OB/GYN clinic who is responsible for facilitating problem solving among staff and program partners to ensure a smooth service delivery system. The clinical care coordinator provides case supervision on site in the clinical settings and works with the Hartford Healthy Start program to provide care coordination, outreach, and case management services for program participants. The Care Coordinator facilitates enrollment, performs risk assessment and screening on all enrolled program participants. The Care Coordinator makes referrals to needed support services.

The Healthy Start outreach worker contacts targeted low-income Black/African American women through shelters, soup kitchens, and the community at large. The outreach worker works with the Care Coordinators to find Black/African American women who miss their clinic appointments to get them to return to the clinics for care. The outreach worker also provides outreach when the care coordinator has difficulties locating the women on their caseload. As needed, the outreach worker will conduct health education workshops at health fairs, events and other venues such as WIC offices.

The outreach worker conducts activities to create awareness and educate the general public, women of child bearing age and health/social services professional on issues surrounding infant mortality in the city of Hartford.

For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (860) 757-4769.

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