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The Administration division provides a variety of support services for the Director’s Office and the programmatic divisions of the department. Services include budget administration; grant and contract administration; accounting and procurement functions; health education, relocation and/or emergency placement; epidemiology; and public health preparedness.

Finance Unit

The functions of the Finance Unit include but not limited to the following: (a) Forecasting the department’s budget for both General Fund and Grants, (b) Monitoring general fund revenue and expenses; (c) Managing grant funds from Local, State and Federal sources; (d) Performing Purchasing and Contract Management duties (4) Providing staff support services in areas of payroll entry and employee expense report processing, etc.

Emergency Placement/Relocation

This program provides relocation assistance to individuals, families and businesses that are displaced as a result of a project, program or code enforcement activity undertaken by the City or its agents in accordance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance Act.

Initial Application for Relocation Assistance (English)

Inicial Aplicación para Asistencia de Reubicación (Español)

Relocation Assistance Benefits

Relocation Plan Intake

Relocation Assistance Eligibility Notice

Release of Information Form

Relocation Assistance Program Comparable Unit Referral Form

Relocation Roadmap (English)

Relocation Roadmap (Spanish)


This program promotes a better understanding of health problems and needs in Hartford and assists the department in many functions including initiation and maintenance of surveillance systems, data management and reporting; collection of birth and death information; coordination of specific grants; and public information dissemination. The program also involves in the investigation of the cause, origin, and method of transmission of communicable (or infectious) diseases and environmentally related medical conditions. The interrelated services focus on surveillance of diseases and the environment, upon which appropriate prevention and control interventions are based, including responses to disease outbreak situations.

Public Health Preparedness

This program is responsible for strengthening local public health capacity and infrastructure within the Health and Human Services Department and through collaboration with municipal government, health care providers and institutions, and other traditional and non-traditional local, regional and state partners of public health and emergency preparedness. The program works to assure systems are in place to protect the health of Hartford residents during a public health emergency. For further information please call us at (860) 757-4730.

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Community Services Division 

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Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division 

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Maternal & Child Health Division

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Environmental Health Division 

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