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Application Process

The City of Hartford recruits and selects employees on the basis of merit. A position with the City of Hartford is an interesting and rewarding way to serve the community. As an employer, the City offers various employment benefits such as the opportunity to earn paid vacation, sick leave and holidays, as well as health and life insurance plans.

Opportunities for employment occur when new jobs are created, or when existing positions become vacant. An official application must be completed in its entirety for each position for which you are applying, including filling out all blanks carefully and thoroughly ("See Resume" is not accepted). All of your qualifications, education and experience must be indicated on your application in order to be given proper consideration. Once completed, the application should be presented to the Department of Human Resources with any additional required documents attached. Many positions are filled through the promotional process. Once you become a City of Hartford employee, these opportunities for advancement are available through the promotional process.

For What jobs May I Apply?

You may apply for any position being advertised as an open competitive examination. Applications may be obtained in the Department of Human Resources, Hartford City Hall, Room G3, or on the Human Resources website. Applications are only accepted for positions that are posted and advertised. If you are interested in a position that is not posted, you may complete and submit to Human Resources an interest card for that position. When the position becomes available, you will be mailed an application and the job announcement. Applications are accepted until the closing date listed on the job announcement.


How Do I Apply?

Employment Applications may be completed online (except for items that need to be circled). The completed job application must be printed, signed and mailed or hand-delivered to the Department of Human Resources by the closing date specified. 

Affirmative Action Data - Submission of this data is voluntary but we request your cooperation in providing this data to assist us with our affirmative action and recruitment efforts.

Residency Affidavit - If the position for which you are applying provides preference points for Hartford residency or requires you to be a Hartford resident at the time of application, you must complete and forward the Residency Affidavit form with your completed application.

Mailing Address:
City of Hartford

Human Resources Department
550 Main Street, Ground Floor - Room G3
Hartford, CT 06103

Applicants must provide all documents as required on the position announcement. Electronic submissions such as e-mail attachments will not be accepted. If you are interested in more than one position, submit a separate application for each position.

When Do I Find out If I am Qualified?

Once an application has been received, it is reviewed by the Department of Human Resources to determine whether a candidate meets the minimum requirements of the position as stated on the job announcement. Within two to three weeks of the closing date, you will be notified by mail if you do not qualify for the position and provided with the reason for disqualification. If you qualify, you will receive notice of the next step in the process.

Do I Take a Test?

Once it is established that your application is complete and you meet the minimum requirements for the position, you will be required to participate in an examination process.

Examinations are given to applicants for all positions. The examination may consist of a rating of your training and experience as contained on your application, a written test, an oral test, a performance test or a combination of any of the four. This testing procedure is in accordance with the City’s Merit System. A medical examination which includes drug and alcohol testing is required for all persons appointed to positions in the City.

What Happens after the Testing Process?

You will receive notification by mail indicating whether you have passed or failed the examination process. Once the testing process is complete, an eligible list is then established. All Open Competitive eligible lists expire up to one (1) year from the date the list is established.

What is an Eligible List?

It is a list of eligible candidates for a particular classification, established in order of the final score of all candidates who pass the employment testing process. Every name on this list is placed in ranking order, from highest passing score to the lowest passing score. As positions become available, the three people whose names are at the top of the eligible list will be contacted for a job interview.

The name of any person appearing on the eligible list may be removed by the Human Resources Director if the person requests in writing that his/her name be removed, or if he/she cannot be located by postal authorities or other means of ordinary communication within five (5) days following the date of notification. The name of any person may also be removed if the name has been certified for appointment three separate times and has not been appointed, or if the person has waived appointment twice for the same job title.

There is a separate list for each class of position in the City. If you wish to be considered for more than one position, you must apply and take the test for each position.

It is your responsibility to notify the Department of Human Resources of name, address or telephone number changes.

If at any time before or after appointment to a position, it is found that you falsified your application, further action will be taken.

When Do I Have A Job Interview?

When your name is among the three highest on the eligible list, it will be sent to the City Department where the vacancy exists. You will receive a letter asking you to contact someone in that department for an interview. That person will select one of the candidates. If you are not selected, your name will remain on the eligible list for two other interviews if necessary or until the eligible list expires.

Thank you for considering employment opportunities with the City of Hartford.

The Rules And Regulations of the Department of Human Resources are mandated by The City Charter.

The City of Hartford is a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace.
The City of Hartford is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Tuition Reimbursement

Once applications are reviewed, employees will receive a copy of their application and projected reimbursement amount sent via interoffice to your Department Head for distribution.  All projected reimbursement amounts are subject to change based on available funding.

1.     Employees must submit a tuition reimbursement application form for the Spring and Fall semesters by the deadline date provided by Human Resources.  Summer semester applications are submitted by the uniformed Fire Department only.

2.     Employees must obtain their department head's signature on the tuition reimbursement application form.  Forms submitted without signature will be returned to the employee.

3.     Employees must submit a completed application to the Human Resources Department.  Applications submitted to the Human Resources Department will be reviewed.  If approved, the amount of reimbursement will be determined based on the number of applications and available funding.  A copy of the application will be returned to the applicant.

4.     After successful completion of the course(s), employees must submit proof of grades (letter from college/university, transcript) and payment by the deadline date (canceled check, receipt from college/university, bank or credit card statement).

5.   All documents submitted will be reviewed by Human Resources.  Following the review and approval of documents, all documents will be processed by Human Resources and submitted to the Pre-audit division of the Finance Department for final payment.

6.   Checks are made payable to the employee at the address noted on the receipts or transcript.  Employees must notify Human Resources if an alternate address is needed.

7.   All inquiries to the above procedures should be directed to the Human Resources Department located in City Hall.


Tuition Reimbursement Policy

Tuition Reimbursement Application

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