Snow Removal Procedures for Winter

Public Works and Residents Partner in Snow Clean Up

Sidewalk and Driveway Cleanup - NO SNOW IN THE ROAD!

Sidewalk and Driveway Cleanup


Please Watch our Video on Snow Removal Procedures, click the image below, if you prefer a Spanish Version click here

 Snow Removal Procedures


Public Works Responsibility

  • Salt City streets and plow snow.
  • Maintain safe travel for motor vehicles.
  • Conduct a first pass to open streets
  • Additional passes to remove snow to the curb will cause snow accumulation on sidewalks and driveways

NOTE: DPW has snow routes for trucks to follow. If you have a health emergency, call 911 and Police, Fire and DPW will coordinate response.


 Residents Responsibility

  • Park cars off-street when snow is forecasted to help DPW with snow removal.
  • Shovel sidewalks and driveways five (5) hours after the storm ends.
  • DO NOT shovel/blow snow into City streets. It is against the law.
  • DO NOT place refuse and recycling carts curbside during heavy snow storms. Wait until the following week.
  • Clear an area for your refuse and recycling carts. Carts placed on snow piles or behind snow banks create unsafe conditions for Sanitation employees.

NOTE: If you choose to shovel during the storm, remember that trucks will plow snow onto your shoveled areas during additional passes.

Parking Ban Information

  • A snow parking ban means that all residents must find off-street parking to allow Public Works to clear snow and make your streets safe.
  • You must move your vehicle. Speak with neighbors or use a City-approved parking location. For off street parking information.
  • Parking bans have a specific start and stop time that will be publicized on television, radio, and the DPW web page.
  • Cars parked on-street will be towed during parking bans.
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