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Downtown North

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Here you will find all things related to Hartford's RFP for a Public-Private Partneship in Downtown North. We are working to complete Hartford's neighborhoods with mixed-use development and construction of a minor league ballpark. 

The original DoNo Hartford LLC Proposal for the development of Downtown North is now available. Negotiations with the developer are on-going and a final recommendation will be presented to City Council for approval. Please be patient while it loads, thank you!

We also recieved the following responses:

CV Properties, LLC

Thomas Hooker Brewing Company, LLC



The City of Hartford posted this REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) on July 2nd, 2014

Additional Appendix Items include: 

Download ALL


Downtown North/Downtown West Master Plan (Utile, 2013)

Market Analysis from Downtown North/Downtown West Master Plan (Gibbs Planning Group, 2013)


Marketing Brochure (added 7.15.14)

Preliminary Site Analysis for Ballpark (Pendulum, 2014)

Ballpark Planning Study (Brailsford & Dunlavey, 2014)

Traffic Analysis (BETA)

Utility Due Diligience (Freeman, 2014)


Ballpark Site (added 7.16.14)

Relating to Parcels C, D, and E (added 7.16.14)

ENVIRONMENTAL (Parcels refer to page 4 of the RFP):


Hartford's Affirmative Action Plan (HAAP)/Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)  (added 7.3.14)


Additional materials from the July 16th Pre-Submittal Conference are now available:

Sheet (added 7.16.14)

Q&A Sheet (AMENDED 7.17.14)

Parcel Information (added 7.17.14)  


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