Division for Young Children

Young Children

The City of Hartford has a longstanding commitment to early childhood education and interventions. It is the first municipality in the State to implement a citywide Early Childhood Blueprint and the only city to establish a department, endorsed by City Council, to oversee early childhood initiatives.

The Division for Young Children performs day-to-day planning and coordination, serving as the lead entity to coordinate and implement early childhood policy and the City’s coordinated early childhood plan. Its responsibilities are to:

  • Implement early childhood policy coordinating early learning and development planning;

  • Unite early childhood programs and into a coordinated comprehensive citywide system;

  • Improve the quality of early childhood programs, increase teacher credentials, and strengthen the use of effective instructional practices through professional development and data-driven decision-making practices in order to ensure positive child outcomes;

  • Develop annually (with the Office of Management and Budget) a “Children’s Budget”

  • Lead and/or participate on boards and commissions related to early childhood and;

  • Seek additional revenues


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