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The Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation promotes the successful lifelong learning opportunities of Hartford children, youth and families through early education, workforce development and recreation.

Hartford Family Resources Directory

There are more than 350 organizations in Hartford that provide family resources to our children, youth and adult population. This directory is a comprehensive directory of these organizations, providing the name, contact information, mission, and typeof family resources provided by each of these Hartford-based service providers. The list of resources has been organized into 9 categories and is designed to help build a strong, vital community and improve the quality of life for each Hartford family 





The Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation will receive proposals for:

Quality Enhancement Grant Program FY 2020

The purpose of the Quality Enhancement Grant Program is to provide funding for School Readiness programs that focus on education and early care that addresses the School Readiness quality components and/or expands comprehensive services for children and families.

Legislative Authority

C.G.S. Section 17b-749c


March 30, 2020


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