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Hartford is proud of the recognition we’ve received for our new zoning code, which advances best practices in urban design, economic development, environmental sustainability, and equity.  We are also proud of the various efforts that have grown out of the code, including the Hartford Climate Stewardship Council [link to], which has paved the way to yet more recognition - including as a Bike Friendly Community and Gold SolSmart city. Read on to learn more!



Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association Transformative Planning Award

In giving the City of Hartford its Transformational Planning Award, the CCAPA said, "Working over a two-year period and involving more than 100 community and stakeholder meetings and a wide range of city departments and commissions, the City of Hartford has successfully tackled its first comprehensive zoning revision in 50 years. This effort is award-worthy not entirely because of the end result—though the form-based code is a remarkable and effective tool—but for boundless thought, innovation, and a willingness to take a brave step forward.”  



New England Chapter of the Congress of New Urbanism 2016 Urbanism Award

The City of Hartford received the Urbanism Award from CNU-New England for “mov[ing] the needle toward creating great places.”  CNU went on to say, “The sheer amount of work that went into this project is mind-boggling—and the result is a plan that allows for mixed-use developments that would have been impossible under conventional zoning.”  According to CNU, "Urbanism Awards honor projects and places built in harmony with their physical and social contexts as well as the policies, plans, and codes that structure and help to implement them.”  



Capital Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) 2016 Sustainability Award

CRCOG awarded the City of Hartford its Sustainability Award. Lyle Wray, executive director of CRCOG, praised the new code as “a model for other cities prioritizing sustainability, carbon footprint reduction, and resilience to improve energy use, and air and water quality.” The City of Hartford works closely with CRCOG on regional planning initiatives, particularly in the area of community development and transportation, and CRCOG actively participates in the Hartford Climate Stewardship Council.



Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Inaugural Sustainability Award

Focusing on the city’s achievements in the areas of energy, the City of Hartford was chosen by CCM for its inaugural sustainability award.  CCM said:  "The city’s comprehensive energy strategy produced several new programs in 2016 that featured a microgrid and an energy improvement district. The programs are aimed at resiliency, reducing greenhouse gases, saving taxpayer money, and improving air quality for better health outcomes. The microgrid will keep several neighborhoods powered in the event of damaging storms. Property owners benefit from streamlined zoning codes for renewable resources and subsidized solar energy.” 



Connecticut Main Street Center Catalyst Award 

CMSC facilitates community and economic development within the context of historic preservation, and is committed to bringing Connecticut’s commercial districts back to life socially and economically.  In 2017, CMSC awarded the "comprehensive and complete overhaul of the City of Hartford’s zoning language and process” with its Catalyst Award, reviewed by a jury of industry-related experts.  The Award recognizes Hartford’s efforts to stimulate vitality and commerce, while at the same time protecting our historic main streets through the code's form-based provisions.



Connecticut Economic Resource Center Economic Development Project of the Year Award (North-Central Region)

The City was proud to be recognized by CERC at its “Celebrate CT!” awards celebration, which focuses on the most impactful economic development projects from around the state.  The award for “Zone Hartford” was given to Hartford because the code has and the effect of reducing construction costs and promoting appealing, mixed-used smart-growth developments.  Hartford's visionary zoning code – praised in Connecticut Mirror, Hartford Business Journal, and Hartford Courant – has unlocked long-term economic growth, while addressing concerns of equity and environmental sustainability.



Hartford Food Policy Advisory Commission Community Food Security Award

The Community Food Security Awards are given each year "to raise awareness about community food security and to recognize individuals and organizations in Hartford that are working to improve nutrition, strengthen local food systems, reduce food insecurity, support sustainability, and empower communities to strengthen the food system.”  The City’s Planning & Zoning Commission received an award - in the form of a painting from a local artist - for its efforts to fully integrate and facilitate urban agriculture through its zoning code, to address food security in our city.  Now permitted in Hartford are community gardens, farmers’ markets, urban farms, henhouses and beekeeping.




League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Community Bronze Award 

Hartford’s prestigious BFC status comes from the League of American Bicyclists, a national bicycling advocacy group.  The designation recognizes Hartford for its current and future bike network plans, its innovative zoning code, its recently passed Complete Streets policy, and its partnerships with local bicycling advocacy groups.  Bruce Donald, tri-state greenways coordinator for the East Coast Greenway Alliance, said the designation, combined with planned enhancements of the East Coast Greenway route through Hartford, will "put Hartford on the map nationally.”  




Hartford was one of just 14 cities nationally to be recognized as a “Gold” SolSmart city by the inaugural U.S. Department of Energy.  The overhaul of the zoning code to allow solar energy in all zoning districts was a key reason the City received this designation.  In addition, Hartford hosts a “Solar for All” program with the CT Green Bank and in 2017 was named a Solarize Hartford community.  Commissioner Rob Klee of the CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection added, “This SolSmart Gold designation will help the City to achieve critical climate goals and to keep up its tremendous momentum in the area of sustainability.”  



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