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The Planning & Economic Development Division aims to advance best practices in urban design and development through an innovative approach that prioritizes business-friendliness, environmental sustainability, and equity.  One way we achieve this aim is by supporting those interested in economic opportunities in Hartford.  If you’re new to Hartford, we would love to point out sites, people, and economic subsidies tailored to your needs.  If you’re already located here, we can identify incentives to help you grow your business or find suitable sites within the city for what you’re doing next. 

Another way we achieve our aim is by overseeing the way the city is zoned, while leading ongoing long-term planning efforts.  The zoning code, administered by the Planning & Zoning Commission [link], is a highly important document, because it contains the blueprints for all future development.  We are proud that our recently revised form-based zoning code has won several significant awards — including an Urbanism Award for all of New England — for its focus on business, environment, and “right-sized” future growth. [link] As we update our city and neighborhood plans for future growth, we encourage meaningful participation from all stakeholders. 

Our Division is responsible for:

Housing, Economic Development, Planning & Zoning is located at 250 Constitution Plaza, 4th Floor
   Licenses & Inspections is located at 260 Constitution Plaza, Ground Floor

HARTFORD CITY HALL ADDRESS: 550 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103 PHONE: (860)757-9311 HOURS: 8AM - 5PM