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To promote equity and fairness of Hartford’s commerce involving weighing or measuring for commercial purposes by regulating and supporting businesses in a manner that protects both the buyers and seller’s interests.   Weights and Measures carries out its mission by maintaining the State standards of weight and measure based on national standards maintained by the federal government, licensing weighing and measuring devices used in Hartford, conducting a wide variety of inspection programs to protect the marketplace, and auditing measuring devices and enforcing the statutes, rules, and regulations governing their use.

Objective and Purpose

Its main objective is protecting businesses and consumers via uniform inspection and test procedures, proper licensing of measuring devices, knowledgeable and well trained city investigators, and precise operation of a metrology lab that provides accurate measurements and calibrations for industry to Federal standards.  The Division provides a coordinated system to follow up with inspection and procedural guidelines adopted by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

The Division also offers guidance, assistance, and educational programs to encourage the public and private sector to be efficient and compliant.  As part of this effort, the Division conducts inspections of regulated facilities on a regular basis and in response to citizen complaints.  The Division also pursues informal and formal enforcement actions against regulated facilities to ensure compliance with weights and measures laws.

Weights and Measures plays a critical role in Hartford's marketplace by protecting consumers and retailers from unfair business practices.

Weights and Measures Responsibilities

    • We preserve and defend the measurement standards in which all commerce is built upon in order to deliver fair competition in the Hartford’s market place.
    • We ensure that commercial devices (scales, gas dispensers, fuel meters and timing devices, etc.) used for the sale of commodities by weight, measure or count, are licensed and accurate.
    • We ensure proper labeling of products sold by weight, measure or count (a gallon of gas is a gallon; your breakfast cereal weighs 20 oz. as stated on the package, etc.).
    • We ensure that prices are posted and items are scanned correctly.  We conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance by retail businesses.
    • We conduct investigations of potential fraud in commodities.

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For general inquiries or billing please contact:

 Amara Shabazz
 Program Supervisor
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      For inspections please contact:
      Alexander Samboy
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