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 POCD Cover

A Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) is a guide for asking questions, identifying challenges, determining resolutions and implementing strategies. It is a record of the best thinking of Hartford as to its future growth and aims to give direction to both public and private development. The Plan not only encompasses a long-term vision for the community but also offers guidance for short-term decision-making. The Plan should not be thought of as a rigid blue-print, but rather as a general guide for growth in Hartford.


Download individual chapters below:

Resolution 6/3/10

Cover & Table of Contents

1- Introduction & Background

2- Planning Themes

3- Action Agenda 

3- Action Agenda Tables

4- Development Patterns

5- Generalized Land Use

6 -Economic Development

7- Downtown Development Plan

8- Transportation and Circulation

9- Greening Hartford and Sustainable Development

10- Parks, Open Space & Natural Resources

11- Infrastructure, Community Facilities & Programs

12- Historic Character

13- Neighborhoods

14- Housing

15- Demographics

16- Larger Scale Maps

Proposed Future Land Map 2020

Historic Districts Map

Age of Housing Stock Map

Existing Land Use Map

Vacant Land Map

Housing Density by Neighborhood Map

Roadway Functional Classification System Map

Community Facilities Map

Environmentally Sensitive Areas Map

Parks and Open Space Map

Redevelopment Activities Map

Neighborhood Boundaries Map

Neighborhood Revitalization Zones (NRZs)

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