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Larry Deutsch (WF)

Councilman Larry Deutsch

Larry Deutsch, MD, MPH is a pediatrician and City Council member who like many others in our City has immigrated to Hartford from somewhere else (Brooklyn, New York). His present involvement in public affairs dates back to childhood memories of community activities for civil rights and against unnecessary wars. Years ago (for those too young to remember) that meant marching outside Woolworth stores ('they segregate down South, we picket up North'), boycotting grapes to support farm workers and unions, and rallying to bring soldiers home from Vietnam.

In those days, issues brought together many families, students, friends, and communities: young and old, black, brown, and white, workers, students and teachers, and occasionally someone in government.

After college, he got an MS (Biophysics), taught high school science and mathematics in Wisconsin and New York City, and then returned to University of Wisconsin for his MD. After residency at University of Connecticut, he worked for years as a pediatrician in Boston and Hartford. Later, he received a Masters in Public Health and directed a project to improve community health care with computerized medical records for children getting health care in community centers, school clinics, hospitals, and offices. Subsequently he was the first Medical Director for Community Health Network (the non-profit community health center organization for our Medicaid population).

Voluntary medical work has included membership on the Board of Trustees of Connecticut's Tobacco and Health Trust Fund, the Board of Directors of the Biomedical Engineering Alliance and Consortium, and trips to New Orleans after Katrina and to the Dominican Republic with Haitian refugees. Larry has three grown children (all graduates of Hartford public schools) and has been involved in PTO affairs as well as a school doctor.

He continues to work in pediatric care, while also involved in public health issues such as education and advocacy in the state legislature to establish a universal health care system, which fairly and effectively benefits all residents. Coming now to the City Council, he is committed (as is the Working Families Party with which he is affiliated) to public activity linking a universal health system to improvement in housing, jobs with good training and wages, economic and environmental justice, immigrant and minority rights, public education, cultural life, and all the other needs which face us in our City.


Telephone: 860-757-9577

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Executive Assistant: Shelly Jackson

Telephone: 860-757-9569

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