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Personal Property Section

2019 Declaration (Standard form)
2019 Declaration (Leasing form)
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The Personal Property Section of the Assessment Division is charged with the responsibility of discovery, listing and valuing of all taxable business personal property situated within the City of Hartford.

The basis for assessing personal property is contained in Connecticut assessment law which directs all Connecticut assessors in the performance of their prescribed duties.

As it concerns all taxable property, including personal property, the laws specifically direct that "The present true and actual value of all property shall be deemed by assessors and boards of assessment appeals to be the fair market value thereof and not its value at a forced or auction sale." This directive is commonly known as the Rule of Valuation and is codified in ยง12-63 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

In addition to assessment statutes and State Office of Policy and Management regulations, assessor's staff must be familiar with accounting terms and principals and be aware of the different types of personal property.

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